Sunday, April 20, 2014

Here comes Peter Cottontail

 We had two Easters this year.  We spent Saturday at my cousin Dave's house.  It was a beautiful, sunny day full of family, food, and of course--Easter egg hunts!
We had dropped off the eggs earlier in the day, so Dave's daughter could hide them.  The kids had a blast running through the yard--Brady the dog found (and chewed) a few before the kids could find them, though.
 The kids showing off the haul.
 This was the best of a number of shots attempting to get just one family photo!
 And today, it was just the five of us. The kids wanted another egg hunt, so I hid the empty eggs from yesterday in the back yard.  And they wanted more, so then I hid them in the front yard.  Still demanding more, Dani then hid the eggs in the front yard (with Daddy's help) for Tori and Tommy to find.
We had a lovely dinner, and spent some more time outside.  We pulled out the bikes, hot wheels and other toys after dinner and went outside again.  Dani was on her bike, Tori on the hot wheels, and Tommy pushing a baby stroller as we went back and forth along the block.  It's so nice to finally be outside in the sun!
Happy Easter!  Happy Spring!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

You ought to be in pictures, baby.

For the first time ever, we had professional photos taken of the kids.  I am a firm believer in candids, but these are awesome.  We should not have waited so long!

In my area?  Check our photographer out at:

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

March madness.

 March means birthdays--one which Wes and my mom share.  Happy 42, Big Man.
And we had lots of recent visits from Grandma and Grandpa.  Grandpa got to enjoy a weekend with the kids, without Grandma.  Usually, he's second fiddle to Grandma, but when she's not around, he is lavished with attention.  Snuggles on the couch.
 Snuggles after dinner.
 And then Grandma came, and more fun was had.  Tea parties.
 Trips to the park.
 More tea parties.
 Finger painting--I think Grandma enjoyed it more than the kids!
 And, somebody lost another tooth!  This time it was just in time for family photos.
We're trying to teach Dani and Tori about money, and the tooth fairy deposits are helping with that.  A month or so ago, I opened savings accounts for the kids.  Since Dani was born, we've been throwing change into a large baby bottle bank.  The kids are always asking for coins to put in it.  It was finally full so Dani, Tori and I went to the bank to feed the coins into the machine to deposit into their accounts.  (the net was almost $150!).  If you enter my house, they will shake you down for more coins for the bank. 

And, I broke down and bought a minivan.  There's just no making that cool.  But it's practical...woo hoo!
And, in funny things my kids have said lately:
"Mommy, nobody's perfect; not even astronauts." (Dani)
"But Mommy, I'm not littering, I want to give the birds some stickers to play with."  (A disappointed Tori when I wouldn't let her throw stickers out of the car window.)
During a dinner, I had made a roast beef on the rotisserie.  Dani pointed out that the meat was the same color as Daddy, "brown and pink".  I suggested to the kids that perhaps that meant that Daddy was perfectly cooked and ready to eat.  Tori's response was, "NO!  We can't eat Daddy, because he would be too hard to chew."

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

You never outgrow them.

Tonight Dani woke up after Tori went to sleep.  I went upstairs to check on her, and give her a drink of water.  "Can I have just one more kiss and hug, Mommy?" 
I was happy to oblige.
"Mommy, no matter how big you get, you just don't outgrow kisses and hugs."
Truer words have never been said.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


 We went to an ice skating birthday party last weekend!
Back in the day, I was a darn good skater.  Fast forward 25 years and all I can say is, it's not like riding a bike.  It was HARD!
The kids had a blast.
Dani, to no one's surprise, was cautious, Tori, fearless.
Tommy was deemed too little to skate.  So he just made faces from the sidelines.
 Daddy was the official photographer of the day.
 Down goes Tori!
 I think I can do this...
 And afterwards, cake and pizza!
Good times with good friends.  Happy birthday, Liam!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Another month.

Another month with no posts (sorry Dad!).
Blame the smartphone.  I so rarely get out the real camera these days, that I don't have pics in the computer to post.
Dani got a new 'do.
 Tommy and Tori confirm that who needs toys when you have a piece of string.  It instantly turns you into a puppy.
 Tori enjoying the most comfy seat in the house.
 And the hubs, wearing his *ahem* new bifocals.
But totally stylin' in his Lennon frames!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Ringing in the new year with the folks.

 A few days after Christmas, my parents flew in for a visit.
So the kids had a second round of presents and holiday cheer!
The kids were so excited!
My parents are in their mid 60s, but you'd never know it by their boundless energy.  They are the most attentive and fun grandparents you can imagine.
 They wanted Grandma and Grandpa to watch Despicable Me.
 Tommy and Grandma doing a New Year's Eve conga.
 New Year's Eve wouldn't be complete without noisemakers!
 Wes had to go to work but I managed to sneak in a quick photo before he left.
As we start this new year, I resolve to take nothing for granted, to appreciate every moment, at home, at work, with my family and friends.

Christmas time is here!

 Two weeks before Christmas we got SNOW!  Lots of it.  It was light and powdery, and no good for snowman making, but the kids had a blast.  Tommy was too little to really go out in the snow last year, so this was his first time in a snowsuit playing.  The snow was up to his waist, and he really couldn't move around too easily.  Once we convinced him to stop taking off his gloves, he had a pretty good time.
Tori decided that slides and swings are even more fun in winter!
 And then it was Christmas.  This was the first year we stayed home.  I was really kind of bummed about it at first-we have some local family that we always spend Christmas with, and we decided that a 3 hour round trip with the kids wasn't going to work this year.  I told Wes we still needed to dress up and do Christmas dinner right.  So, we did, and it was lovely.  I made a turkey, prime rib, mashed potatoes, rutabagas, sweet potatoes, veggies, bread, stuffing, and a cheesecake.  Needles to say we were eating leftovers for days!
The kids had fun--Tommy's old enough this year to understand the concept of presents, and we watched all the Christmas shows together--Hoops and Yoyo Ruin Christmas being the favorite of everyone (except Wes).

 Wrapping each kid's presents in different wrapping paper makes life a million times easier.

 Tablets for everyone.  Totally cheap Droid tablets ($59 each) that will keep their grubby mitts off my Nexus.
 Santa did not have a goddamn clue  appreciate quite how large the playhouse was going to be--it is two rooms and takes up almost the entire playroom.
 We put on our Christmas dresses and had a lovely dinner.

It was a great day.
As we move into 2014, I'm feeling a bit inspired.
I lost another classmate last week--this time to a heart attack.  And another close friend has cancer.
As Gru would say, "Light bulb."
I'd like to start doing a better job of appreciating what I have--of making better use of my time--paying more attention to Wes and the kids when I'm home and drawing a better line between work and family, and taking better care of myself in the process.