Friday, December 21, 2007

A New Beginning

So much has happened.

When they did the D&C, they did an amnio. Results said that the baby was genetically normal and female. All signs point to fibroid as the culprit. Slight chance that the "genetically normal and female" tissue could have come from me, though, so we can't be 100% certain.

Met with the doc for the pre-op ultrasound. Fibroid is 12.5x14x9. By my calculations, that is bigger than a softball, more like a cantelope (or is it honeydew that is the smaller one?)

Fibroid is so big that I have to have some preliminary bloodwork to look for an enzyme which might indicate malignancy. Signed consent forms today so if, when they cut me open, it looks like cancer, they can remove all my girl parts. Long shot that it would be that, but better than any lottery-- 1 in 100. So we were sobered by that fact today. And that they won't know until they cut me open.

On a lighter note, today was my last day at the law firm. Will hunker down locally, spend the holidays, join a firm a few blocks from my house, and hope to get through this with my sanity.

So, our household income will drop by about 30%; I will be layed up for a while. Yet, we are going to host a rocking holiday party on 12/29, money be damned!!!

And, I am going to buy a new Christmas tree with my time off--in our big house with tall ceilings, the tree imported from hubby's bachelor days looks so small and sad. Remember the Charlie Brown Christmas tree???

Meanwhile, my oldest buds from college just had babies, and I can't wait to meet them!

Check out the book "Baby's First Tattoo". I buy it for every mom to be. A hilarious, modern, babu book that will never be filled out but will entertain the parents a lot.

2008 has to be an improvement.

Looking forward to my new life. Keeping my fingers crossed that babies are in my future. Thankful each day for my husband who is my rock.