Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day 2014

 We started a tradition of going to River Stone Manor for Mother's Day brunch.  Everyone gets dressed up, and there's only one seating so we have the table for the afternoon.  Fancy glasses, and cloth napkins and children on their best behavior.
It's always lovely.
I woke to presents, and kisses.
At school, Dani had made a vase and planted a seedling, that, after two days in a brown bag, was wilted and yellow.  But it was beautiful, sunny day, and with a little water and some sun, it perked up, and the kids have been able to watch it grow daily.
Even our little caveman managed his own full size silverware with no messes!
 After we ate, we walked the grounds.  We took this same picture last year.  I hope to take the same one every year.
 Getting everyone to look at the camera is generally impossible.
 We managed it for this one!
 Look at her.
 This one's my favorite.  Walking side by side.
Some days, I just look around, take a deep breath, and give silent thanks for the love of an amazing husband and three little sweeties.