Friday, January 20, 2012

One big pajama party.

I think this 15 day hiatus is the longest I've ever gone without posting. It's been insane. Work is kicking my butt, Big Man's schedule has been crazy, and I'm just exhausted. Like going to bed mere moments after I put the girls to bed exhausted.
Blame the little dude.
Sure, he's cute. He's also 5 months old, and wearing 12 month baby clothes. You'd think he would be sleeping through the night, but no. Mr. Chowhound needs a bottle at least once a night, which is okay, because he fusses, I get him up, feed him, change him, and he's back to down in 15-20 minutes.
BUT, now he can roll over. He sleeps on his tummy. (GASP!) He has since he was just a few weeks old. (THE HORRORS!) The kid doesn't want to be on his back. Period. But now that little man can roll over, he does sometimes, usually 2-3 times per night when I'm sound asleep, and then he's crying, on his back like a little turtle that can't flip back over. It was cute the first night. Two weeks in, I'm the poster child for the dollar store verion of 5 hour energy drinks, and couldn't live without my coffee-on-demand Keurig.
He's been the easiest kiddo so far, so I can't really complain, but damn, I miss sleep. And even with this minor mishap, I know I've got it easier than lots of new moms. But being perpetually sleep deprived still sucks.
But if they are cute little monkeys. And the progress they are making...amazing. Tori's just shy of 21 months and is starting to communicate so well. She says the ABCs, and phrases, like "here you go Mommy" and other things that are just adorable. I promise an updated progress post on each little monkey soon, as long as Little Dude cooperates!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Grandma and Grandpa visit!

Grandma and Grandpa are visiting, so that means there are NO RULES! Ice cream before dinner!
Eskimo kisses!
Snuggles and hugs!
And starting to play before you are out of your pajamas!
Just lots of hugs and fun and grandparents love!