Sunday, April 15, 2012

So behind!

Wow--I'm so behind in everything!  I have a lot of great excuses for it, though.  I tore my calf muscle over two weeks ago, and after a trip to the ER and an orthopedic doc, I have been in a walking boot.  That sure slowed me down and juggled our schedules, as Big Man had to be sure I wasn't home alone for the first week or so. 

You'd think that being laid up, I would have plenty of time to post--but NO!  The laptop wireless card had an issue, and then the netbook screen went on the fritz, so I was home, doing nothing--with NO computer!  And my blackberry battery would crap out within an hour or so.  All has been fixed--for now; laptop is back in action as of yesterday, and I got a smartphone last weekend.

In the interim--Tommy has decided he wants to stand up and try to walk--every minute he is awake.
 Tori has found a new love in broccoli.  Really.  How many 2 year olds do you know that repeatedly ask for more broccoli???  We're pretty lucky that the kids love all veggies.  The cry for "NINOS" (aka tomatoes in Tori-speak) is nearly constant, as are the requests for all manner of fruits.
 We had a fun Easter.  Just us.  The Easter bunny came, of course.  He nibbled on the carrots that were left out for him--much to Dani's delight.  We just had a lovely family day, with a big turkey dinner and lots of fun.  Here are some pics of the Easter egg hunt.
 The kids had a blast--although it was a bit hard to keep Tori focused on holding her bucket and finding eggs!

I could barely hold them still for a picture--and yes, this was the best one...

Monday, April 2, 2012

April already?

Spring has finally sprung around these parts, and we've been busy!  Dani and Tori are growing by leaps and bounds.  They are finally, truly playmates and keep each other busy, drawing, running around and having tea parties.  By the time I get them to bed at night, and start to catch my breath, I'm too tired to blog, or really do much of anything. 

Tommy, after teething for literally four months, finally sprouted his two bottom teeth.  He's a big fan of the teething biscuit, although he is covered in goo from head to toe when he eats one.  He's dying to walk.  He wants nothing more than for you to hold his hands and let him stand up.  I predict that he will be taking his first steps within the month.  Heaven help us.

Tori's still our little handful.  She's going through a "mommy" phase  where she is practically glued to me every minute.  I actually kind of enjoy it, and if she's snuggled up with me, she's not getting into any trouble, which is what she usually does best.
I tore my calf muscle in a random incident on the stairs, trying to snatch Tori as she was headed up them unattended.  She's quite the climber.  After a trip to the ER and a follow up to the ortho, I've got a pair of crutches and a walking cast, which isn't much fun.

Dani asks repeatedly to play with my "crotches", which is the only amusing part of the damn injury!