Saturday, November 28, 2009

You can thank me later, Spidey... a Dani guest post.

Hey Peter, my shiny new baby cousin, Dani here. Wanted to let you know that I saw the pictures of you and Grandma and Grandpa. Looks like you had a good time. Just thought I'd let you know that you owe me one.
You see, I taught them everything they know about being grandparents. I know, I came first so it was my job to break them in. You're welcome.
Here, I'm showing Grandma how to snuggle me to sleep. She obviously showed this move to Grandpa. Looks like you enjoyed it.
Here, I'm showing Grandpa how to properly hold up a baby for a photo op.
I showed Grandma too, and she's showing off her skills on you. Nice mug!
I can tell you are enjoying Grandpa's snuggle move.Yep, I taught him. It took him a couple tries on the recliner before he was ready to try it on the big couch all by himself!

Ah yes, my best work...the double grandparent baby hug pose.

Grandma and Grandpa mixed it up and switched places with you:

You can just pay me back when I meet you. Just let me pick out one of your toys or something? Anyway Pete, I'm sure looking forward to meeting're my first cousin! Plus, I'm going to be a big sister soon! I still didn't meet your mom and dad yet, but I hope to soon!
Love, Dani.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving.

Great day! Dani ate tons!
I'm thankful for everything in my life. Big Man. Dani. Family.
Football. Christmas lights that are now ON!

Full tummy.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Just for Grandpa.

Grandpa's a little upset that there have been no new photos in a week. No excuses here, just lazy!

Here's a couple videos to keep you entertained, Dad!

This kiddo is so close to walking! Big Man has secured the door because it became Dani's obsession!

My friend, Kristen, told me that shredded cheese was a great snack to feed babies. Her 1 year old loves it. She didn't tell me, and I never considered, what an awful mess it would make. But Dani loved it. Like crack for babies. Made me wish I had a dog to lick up the mess!

Stay tuned for a Dani guest post coming soon.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Swing shift.

Big Man is back to working overnights. That means I'm flying solo in the evenings while he sleeps, so I anticipate a return to more frequent posting. And, it appears that Big Man is back into picture taking mode, as I found a few on the camera tonight!
We are seriously days away from walking. Dani is in full launch mode. She will pull herself up on anything, and when you won't hold her hands, she will just let go and walk as far as she can before sitting on her butt. She loves the newfound vantage point of being on her feet, and is clearly excited by the ability to grab things that are near or over her head, which was okay when she found the diapers, but not so good when she started grabbing books and pictures while on her tippy toes! She doesn't even have to see what she is grabbing--will just reach up and swipe an arm to see what might be there. Not so sure what to do about the Christmas tree, and well, EVERYTHING else in our house that is 36 inches or less off the floor! I asked Big Man's mom what she did when he was small, and she said that he just didn't mess with stuff. Big shock there--even as a toddler, Big Man employed the powers of reason and rationality!

When Dani was little, we did some things (to be honest it was mostly Big Man), or I guess we let her do some things because they were cute. First, if she made a little cough, Big Man would cough back. Lesson learned = mommy and daddy think this noise is good. Thus, the game began. Dani has now upped the ante to make full on coughing fits at dinner because she thinks its funny, meanwhile I'm clipping articles in Parents magazine about babies and choking and what to do. Not such a good move on our part there. Even better--the biting! I've posted many videos of Dani using her fingers to move her lips to make funny sounds--she likes when we do it to her, and she will swipe at our lips so we can make the same sound with her help. With Big Man, she would let him move her lips a few times, and then would chomp his finger--to his giggle and silly response of "Ouch!" Lesson learned= it's fun to bite. Dani will now walk up to you and open her mouth and put it on whatever is closest--your leg, arm, etc. She doesn't really bite down, but she clearly has the idea that this is a good thing to do. The kid has a shirt little fuse, as many of you know, so, for example, when you pick her up when she doesn't want you to, you get limp baby, and sometimes, screeching limp baby, just to make it harder for you to enforce your will. Tonight, I got whining, limp baby, who tried to bite my arm when I picked her up. She was pulling books out of the bookshelf, and really didn't want to stop. Fun times.

She's going to be 1 in three weeks. 1! Holy crap, where does the time go? Anyone have any fun ideas?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ho, Ho, Ho!

I put up our Christmas lights today. They aren't plugged in yet, but I'm really tempted. Big Man thinks I'm crazy. I'm just excited about Christmas this year. I put some lights indoors, and Dani just gets so excited looking at them. She's going to be a lot of fun. Last year, we had Dani on December 9th, so the tree never actually got decorated; Big Man put lights on it before I went to the hospital, but the only ornaments went up were the two "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments that people sent to us!

Looking for some Christmas card inspiration....ideas anyone?

Grandma got home to Chicago safe and sound.

Big Man has one more night off, and then, after three weeks of working days, he goes back to nights. It was nice having him home for such a long stretch, but the cats look forward to sleeping on the bed again! Dani likes to open and close the doors to her playroom, which was once in our cooler, social, childless days, our formal dining room.
Dani has become SO FUN! She's trying so hard to walk. Big Man and I sit about 4 feet from each other and hold on to her, and she laughs while lunging/walking back and forth between us. And everything makes her laugh--big, huge belly laughs which are the best!

I'm stinking up the joint in my fantasy football league last week and this week. I'm still in second place, but barely...meh. Stupid Bears. Stupid Jay Cutler.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Back to normal.

All is well in the B home. Dani's back to normal! No more baby puking! Woo hoo!

It's been a hectic week. I got thrashed in the football pool this week (3-9). Big Man's mom is still here, spending the day with Dani! Actually brought work home tonight, so will hope to post updates and pics over the weekend.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The good, the bad and the pukey.

Rough week, peeps. Dani's sick. Considering the fact that she is 11 months old and this is the first time she's been really sick, we lucked out, because IT SUCKS!
Sick Dani:
We called the doctor at 4:45am Saturday when her temperature hit 103.7. The doctor, or actually, the snarky PA, was unconcerned, and told us to to alternate Tylenol and Motrin until it went down. Luckily, some baby Tylenol lowered it, but she's been pretty feverish on and off since Friday. Pukey too. She's really not eating or drinking much, and has not kept down solid food since Friday. She is still trying to be happy and playful, but is struggling. And puking. Did I mention that I've been puked on three times today?

And it's really hard for me because she's so miserable, and doesn't want water, or juice, or pedialyte (which tastes like ass anyway) or popsicles, or anything I try to give her, and you can't force a baby to drink. Trust me on that one.
Dani, putting on a brave face for grandma:
Big Man's family came in from Connecticut yesterday, to see us and his mom, who is here until was just too bad that Dani wasn't feeling better.

Justin reads Dani a book yesterday afternoon.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

How'd my little brother make a baby this cute?

(Probably because his wife's a hottie.)

Introducing my nephew, Peter Parker Schu...who is extra cool because he has spidey senses.
I had almost forgotten how cute newborns are--almost makes me want another one, but oops, I'm already halfway there!
Congrats to Todd and Amy! Love you guys.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tasty candy and a visit from Grandma.

Grandma came to visit on Saturday and she's staying for two weeks! Big Man's working the day shift for 3 weeks, so he is home every night which is awesome! Dani's having lots of fun.
Reason 1,945 why Big Man rules:
I told him I was craving Good n Fruity candy but was having trouble finding it in the store, and only saw yucky old Good n Plenty. So, this box arrived in the mail today: