Saturday, July 28, 2007

Pea in the pod

The big man was right when he said, "When I want to knock you up, I will knock you up!" (jokingly). Just took a pregnancy test last night, okay, I actually took three because we really wanted to be sure. Two lines. Any thought that I could quietly keep that information from my husband while I prepared a cool way to tell him (read May post with the Bears idea) immediately evaporated as I marched down the stairs with pregnancy test number one in hand and a smile on my face. So we do the second, and third.

I immediately apologize for the wine tasting I attended on Thursday, convinced that our embryo already has two heads, and think of every little thing in the past four weeks that could have messed up the baby's development. Typical, I suppose.

Ordered a few books online, and told my best friend who is due in December with her first child, which will be a girl.

In bed, we discuss which room will be the baby's room, and ways we can conserve money, and how much overtime he will try to sign up for.

I am looking forward to sickness and exhaustion, while I continue to work long attorney hours and try to maximize my billables!

We are convinced will have only boys. The first will be Thomas Wesley. The second name is disputed because I want "Robert" because what's the point of having your last name be ***** if you can't have a little Bobby *****? The big man says no way. I suppose I have some time to think about it. (***** last name edited out because grumpy husband says that my blog has his picture, car, house, job etc., and does not need his last name...)

This is my last hurdle into grownupness. There is a little ball of cells inside me that, with luck, will turn into an all-consuming bundle of joy next April. Keep your fingers crossed! I signed up at to learn about the baby's progress--they will email you weekly to tell you what your baby is doing and what parts of it are being created, etc., what to expect. Neat!

We are going to try to wait to tell people, but I have a feeling I won't be able to.