Wednesday, January 7, 2015

10 years!

 Wes and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary this October!  We had a (kid-free) overnight trip to Connecticut the weekend before our anniversary, which was awesome!  He surprised me with a ten diamond anniversary band that night.  I told him his gift would be late.
The cool news is that he was getting inducted into the University of Chicago Athletic Hall of Fame at the end of October.  He was an amazing college athlete--football and track.  He still holds the University records for the Hammer throw and the 35 pound weight throw.  He went to nationals every year of college (and would always bring me back a shot glass from the cities he went to!).
My plan was to do an extreme living room makeover while he was away. We had a rather sterile living room, with furniture that was way too small for him to get comfy in.  Here are the before pics:

 He left for work on Thursday night at 10:30pm.  He had a Friday morning flight and was returning at about 2pm Sunday.  Thursday night, I moved all of the furniture out of the room, washed the walls, and prepared for the makeover.
I wanted a Chicago Bears theme, but a subtle one--one that would not require repainting before we sold the house!  Deep colors are to be expected in a historic Victorian home such as ours, so it was perfect.  So, we started; one of my legal assistants spent the day painting while I assembled the new TV stand and made other preparations.  I needed to spray paint picture frames orange, and frame pictures of Wes and the kids wearing their Bears gear.  My other legal assistant held down the fort at the office, but had made awesome pillow covers in orange to add some color to the room!
 The furniture arrived on Saturday morning.  We painted, framed, hung art and new curtains, placed furniture, and it was done...almost!
 I needed the TV to be hooked up!  There was a Bears game to watch when he came home!  With some help from a friend, we extended cable and he managed to set everything up so that when Wes walked in the Bears game was on!  (Too bad they were losing.)
 He was pleasantly surprised by the finished product.
 I think it turned out pretty well!
 There's a huge sofa, but if Daddy's on the loveseat, the kids want to be too!
Mission accomplished.
Wes was surprised.
He loved the room.
I love him.
It all works.
I cannot top my written anniversary tribute to him from last year.  It's all been said.
The sentiments are still the same, the love only stronger.
Happy anniversary, my love.