Sunday, May 8, 2016

Here Comes Peter Cottontail.

 Decorating chocolate eggs.
Spring had sprung--it was a lovely spring day!

 We hunted for eggs.

 Enjoyed time with family.

Counted our blessings.

Holiday time!

 We had a rockin' Halloween party!

The kids sang their little hearts out at their holiday concerts.

 We hung out with Santa and his elves at the PBA holiday party.

 Dani turned 7!  Chuck E Cheese birthday party!
 Christmas!  Just the five of us this year.

And woosh, there went 2015.

Holiday pics.

 It was such a nice day when we did our Christmas card pics, that we were able to get some great fall pics as well.
I call this one Tommy's Zoolander face.

 Wes happened to be wearing a jersey too, so he jumped in.  This one made the Christmas card.

 Some smooches for the little brother.

 We always have to take a few silly ones--this made the card too!


 I have to do a better job of using my real camera for pictures.  While I do Groovebook to have prints from the cell phone made, the pictures are nowhere near as good.  I usually am reminded of that when I try to make photo gifts at Christmastime.
We took a trip to a friend's farm.
The girls were excited to see the cows up close.
 They were afraid to touch them, though.