Monday, May 30, 2011


I had a weekend like I haven't had in a very, long time.
No trips to the office. Pretty much no internet, email, or checking my blackberry.
I was home with my family. We enjoyed olive fingers and fruit for lunch:
Stealing daddy's hat at dinnertime!
We grilled out. We had breakfast together. We piled on the couch together, and Big Man and I actually watched a movie, snuggled up on the couch! The kids decided he was the best seat in the house.
We ate silly food. These are silly dogs you spear with spaghetti before boiling. Dani didn't know quite what to make of them, but she loved them!
We had our first day in the pool. Fearless Tori took on the sprinkler over and over.
We sure had fun!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

When mommy gets distracted....

It was my job to cook dinner tonight. Everyone was getting antsy, so Big Man took the girls outside to play. Meanwhile, I had dishes on the stove, in the oven, and was grilling!

I got to see such cute daddy-daughters time!
Dani, mastering the over-ball leap!
She's up.
And over!
Big Man helps Tori on the slide.

And, somehow, the main course was utterly destroyed. Darn, hot grill, getting in the way of my photo session!


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Spring Fling!

We took a little trek to Spring Fling downtown today with my friend BrendaLee. We saw tons of people we know, ate lots of tasty snacks and enjoyed the sights!
Dani decided that she should wear BrendaLee's hat; once it was on, she was ready for her closeup!

Tori enjoying the sights from the wagon:
Even with the intermittent rain, it was a fun time!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Victor, a Tori guest post.

Hi everbody, it's Tori. Did you know that Tori is short for Victoria? Daddy said he picked that name because it was the strongest name he could imagine for a girl. And you know what? I'm really strong. I'm also the victor! I beat Dani in my 1 year visit!

I went to the doctor today for my 1 year visit and I'm 29.5" tall and weigh 23 pounds and 6 ounces. I'm a whole inch taller than Dani was when she was 1, and about 4 pounds heavier! I win! I'm the victor!

I guess you could call me Super Tori if you want.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dani says.

While attempting to open the blinds to let the sunlight in this morning, Dani says, "Mommy, I make it more and more day!"And, if Dani leans in toward Tori's face, Tori puckers up and gives her a kiss. Adorable!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Dani 1, Mommy 1?


When I woke Big Man up for work at 9:45, Dani was still going strong awake and talking. When I went into her room she told me she needed a diaper change. And let's just say, that was an extreme understatement. So, there's hope.

I cleaned her up, gave her about 1/2 cup of milk, and now I think she's actually asleep.

Resume supermom status.

Dani 1, Mommy 0.

Tonight was the night. Big Man spent a chunk of time today getting it ready. Dani was finally going to move into Tori's room and a big. girl. bed.

I got home from work and snuck upstairs to put the Dora stickers on the wall. She's going to love this I thought. And Dani did. She didn't want to come downstairs for dinner because she didn't want to leave her Diego bed.

I've got it easy, I thought. Until bedtime, I did.

Big Man took Tori and Dani and I walked upstairs together. "I don't LIKE my Diego bed. I want my crib!" said Dani. Big Man stood by and snickered "great idea mommy".

But I got her a drink of water, stood guard outside the door for a few minutes, and went downstairs. I made a few calls, loaded the dishwasher, and didn't hear a peep. Wow, that was easy, I thought.

I finished up my second call, and thought, I'll just take a peek upstairs to see how cute they look sleeping in the same room.

I was, in fact, having a smug, "I'm a supermom" moment. You know, that little mental happy dance where you can't figure out why parenting is so hard for everyone else, when it comes so incredibly naturally and easy to you? Yep, that one. Delusional, party of one.

From the landing, I notice that the door to their room is shut, and I see blinding light underneath it. Uh oh. I take down the baby gate and let myself in. Dani's got the ceiling light on and its daylight-bright in there; her bed is in the middle of the room, and it's chaos. Tori is fortunately fast asleep, despite the commotion.

"Go downstairs and watch Mickey, mommy," Dani says, "I'm not tired," she insists.

She starts to fuss and whine. I slide her bed back against the wall, and get another night light. I tell her that under no circumstances is she to turn the light on again.

She's upstairs singing songs and probably tying sheets together to escape out the window.

Dani 1; Mommy 0.Tori has now attained "most favored baby" status for sleeping through it all. (so far).

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day, a Dani and Tori Guest Post.

Hey Dani?

Yes Tori?

I'm really tired. It's hard to keep up with TWO grandmas!

I know Tori, that's why I'm just laying here taking a break.

They were really fun. Way more fun than mommy is.

I know, Tori, but don't tell mommy that, we don't want her to feel bad!

I like grandma's airplane rides best!

Me too Tori!

I sure wish they lived closer. I love grandma and great-grandma!
Me too, Tori! Let's tell them something together!

Happy Mother's Day grandma and great grandma! We love you!