Sunday, October 25, 2015

Summertime...and the pics got lost?

We had an AMAZING summer!
Learned a lesson though: I need to stop relying on my cell phone to take our family photos!  Unfortunately, this fall my cell phone needed to be replaced, and the new version has no SD card, so I didn't have the store move my old pictures to the new phone.
Fast forward to tonight, and there's about a three month gap in photos on my laptop.  So, as I try to resurrect the old phone to get the summer pics, I will have to fast forward to September.
EVERYBODY's in school!  Our district has full-day Pre-K, so even Tommy is out the door at 8am, returning around 3:30pm.  This means that Wes FINALLY gets some sleep!  This transition has been wonderful for us--no more rushing home on certain nights so that Wes can go right to sleep.  It's both of us, nearly every night, having a family dinner, helping with homework, and just spending time with the kids as a family.

 Do you think Tommy was a little excited for his first day of school?
 Like last summer, Grandma and Grandpa came to NY for an extended stay and we took the family pilgrimage to Charlestown, RI.  Only this year, all three kids stayed in the RV with the grandparents, meaning that Wes and I had a hotel room to ourselves, every night!  No little people waking up in the middle of the night, or waking us up at the crack of dawn.  It was heaven.
 And I'm happy to report that my parents are still the most fun grandparents ever!

 The kids were big fans of Grandpa's bike.

It was a summer of fun, friends, family, sunshine and love.

Graduations and birthdays!

 Tori finished Pre-K this year.  There was a packed house for her moving up ceremony.
She was super excited to see us, but a little shy and nervous during the songs.

 Tommy was excited to visit the school, as he will be right behind her this fall, headed to Pre-K.
 And in August, little dude turned 4.  He requested a Hot Wheels cake, and daddy did not disappoint.
 I think he was a little excited about his cake.

Happy birthday, Tommy!

June travels.

 In June, we took a trip to Chicago for my 20th college reunion.  I hadn't been back since Dani was 6 months it had sure been a while.  It was so awesome to be back in a big city and to see great old friends, and enjoy all of the cool things Chicago has to offer.
Navy Pier and the Chicago skyline.

 One of my best friends from college, Chang, spent tons of time with us.
 The kids had a blast with Uncle Chang!
 We rode a trolley.
 Enjoyed some Mexican food in the sun.
 Rode the rides.
 And enjoyed a wonderful reunion with my old besties!
 I'm sure not going to wait another 6 years to go back!

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day 2015.

 And so it was Mother's Day.  My 6th one so far, and the best yet.  Although you'd never know it by my appearance, my day started with a 7:30am trip to the gym.  I came home to happy kids and hubby, home made cards and presents.  For our third year in a row, we went to River Stone Manor for brunch.  We've taken pictures each year in the same spot on the grounds and it is so nice to look back at how much the kids have grown.
It's a fun time to dress up, which the kids love, and to have a "fancy" outing.

 It was a hot, sunny day, and despite the early date, flowers were blooming.
 After a bit out in the sun, posing, Tommy couldn't wait to get back inside and have some dessert!
 I never appreciated how hard my mom worked or what an awesome job she did at parenting me until I had kids of my own.  I had such a creative and enriching childhood, and hope that I can impart some small fraction of the awesomeness that my mom gave me to my children.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Tori turns five!

Some little superstar turned 5 this weekend!  It was literally an all-weekend celebration.
On Friday, a big box from Grandma and Grandpa arrived--we decided to let her open it while Skyping with them.
 Daddy baked the cake on Saturday.  Tori told him she wanted a Hot Wheels cake and he did not disappoint.  We enjoyed it on Saturday night.
 Sunday was the official birthday party.  Our first, but certainly not our last Chuck E Cheese birthday party.  (Also known as the longest two hours of your life.)  It was Daddy's first time, so I decided to let him man the floor with the kids while I set up for the party.
 Look at this picture quickly--if I said she just got her learner's permit, you'd believe me, right?  She looks pretty at ease in the driver's seat at age 6.

 Watching the Chuck E birthday wish.
 Her presents.
 She looks like a birthday Avenger!
Happy birthday, Tori!  We love you!

Will you be my Valentine?

Found this idea on Pinterest.  Have your kid pose like this--add a message.  Use a hole punch to make two holes around his or her hand, and slide in a lollipop.  Super cheap and super cute.

 Tommy's not in school yet, but he didn't want to be left out, so we ordered a few for him to make and send out to family.
 Somebody turned 43.  (Not me!)
 Easter--was a blustery day, so we had an indoor egg hunt.  It was still super fun!
 Tommy enjoying his haul.
And after Easter dinner, we came home to find Grandma Deb and Glenn leaving presents for the kids.  This, of course, led to a visit!
My children are loved by so many people; we are so fortunate.

 It's never too cold to go to the park!
 The kids wanted "a new park we've never been to".  So we found one.
 I think they had fun?
The three amigos.

Sunday, April 26, 2015


Cuteness abounds!
 Snuggles with Daddy.
 Girls' day out to the Favorite Doll Tea.

 While Daddy and Tommy hang at home.