Monday, October 13, 2014

First day of school!

Days before kindergarten started for Dani, we got the call:  our city would offer full-day Pre-K...but since the funding was new, the pre-k students would not start for a week or two while the district figured out the logistics.
So, Dani started kindergarten!  Tori was a bit bummed that she could not yet RIDE. THE. BUS. TO SCHOOL.
But Dani was stoked...with her light up Mario back pack.
Ten days later, it was time for Tori to go to school too!  A whole day means that she rides the bus with Dani and gets to do big kid things, like pack a lunch and forego naps!  Tommy looks excited in this picture but is woefully lost without the girls around.
 Dani was so excited for Tori's first day, that they agreed to dress the same!  And, every day that week they wanted to be "twinsies", wearing the same clothes to school. Dani was lecturing Tori about the importance of listening to the teacher, and behaving on the bus.
 Tori, meanwhile, had been dreaming about riding the school bus since she saw Dani do it a year ago!
 She mounted the stairs of the bus, with nary a look back.
 Peeked outside the window, and started her journey.

I'm sorry Tommy.

I'm sorry, Tommy.  You turned THREE nearly two months ago, and I'm finally getting around to telling everyone about it!  You turned 3!  We were so busy laughing with you that I forgot to post about it! 
For some 41 back breaking pounds and 41" in height, you beat your sisters at something, finally!
You are the most mercurial McGhee.  You can travel from outrageous laughter to stompy, pouty wailing in mere seconds.  You're, hands down, the best hugger--wrapping your arms around me and Daddy, ferociously, clinging to us as though your life depends on it, and holding on long enough for me to realize how fleeting this attention from you will be.
And, holy smokes, you're potty trained!  You were, by far, the easiest at this!  One day, you peed on the potty and the rest was history!  Nice work, little dude!
Handsome and smiley, you are our Tommy.  You insist you are not Thomas; nor Tom.  You embrace Tommy--that fun filled variant of your name...
Tori is your best pal.  You do everything you can to keep her interested in playing with you.
Tori's first day of Pre-K.  When she left, you spent the day clinging to Daddy, telling him how much you missed her and Dani.
 The king of comic is often a stretch to get you to pose for pictures without a silly face. 
 You know that ice cream is best eaten in only a diaper, in the sunshine.
 You love all things that drive.  When you aren't scooting around the house on a dump truck, you are pretending to drive!
 And, did I mention fearless?  You're the kid with the hand open feeding the goats, with your big sisters behind you watching to see what happens.
 Never one to shy away from a good tea party, you accessorize with clip on earrings and cheetah print feetie pajamas...while keeping it masculine with the Mario hat.
 You are the crack-up king---distracting Dani and Tori at meals while they laugh at your antics.   Sweet talking strangers wherever we go because you are just so friendly, and cute.
You, Tommy are our biggest bundle of energy, our little dude.  Our super, smiley light, that shines the brightest in the glow of your sisters, who adore you too!  Happy 3!