Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Mother's Day 2015.

 And so it was Mother's Day.  My 6th one so far, and the best yet.  Although you'd never know it by my appearance, my day started with a 7:30am trip to the gym.  I came home to happy kids and hubby, home made cards and presents.  For our third year in a row, we went to River Stone Manor for brunch.  We've taken pictures each year in the same spot on the grounds and it is so nice to look back at how much the kids have grown.
It's a fun time to dress up, which the kids love, and to have a "fancy" outing.

 It was a hot, sunny day, and despite the early date, flowers were blooming.
 After a bit out in the sun, posing, Tommy couldn't wait to get back inside and have some dessert!
 I never appreciated how hard my mom worked or what an awesome job she did at parenting me until I had kids of my own.  I had such a creative and enriching childhood, and hope that I can impart some small fraction of the awesomeness that my mom gave me to my children.