Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ch-ch-ch changes.

I don't even know where to begin! 
It is, by nature, a crazy time of year for me--election season.  As the county's Democratic leader, I have a pretty big job each fall--to help my candidates get elected.  Balancing that with a busy law office, a working husband, and three toddlers is no easy feat.
We try to find time each day to be crafty.
 And, if there wasn't enough chaos, we just listed our house for sale...because a house with three toddlers is so easily show-ready.
It all came about when a realtor-friend had a buyer who wanted a historic house--they knew we were looking to move in the not so distant future, and they called to see if we would mind if the buyers did a drive by.  The drive by was followed by one hour-long showing, and when they wanted another showing we figured we needed to see what was out there, to avoid homelessness after our sale.  And we found, pretty much, the perfect house.  And then the buyers put in an offer on the smaller Victorian, and not ours.  So, Wes and I brought the family to see the house and it was perfect.  Perfect enough to try to buy.  So we put in an offer contingent on our sale and they said YES.
So, it's been hyper-speed here trying to make our house show-ready so that we can lose our shirts on this sale and hopefully not have to bring money to the closing sell quickly.
Meanwhile, Tommy has decided to dress as a drag queen for Halloween.
 Dani is rocking Pre-K.  Got her standardized assessments today, and she is in the 99th percentile for everything.  (She was born 8 days too late to start pre-k last district doesn't budge on that.)
 We are still doing a really good job at family dinners, and family time.  We have three little conversational people and it's starting to be a lot of fun.
I just need more hours in the day.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Happy Anniversary, my love.

 I met you at 17.  I was a small-town kid, in a big city, going to college in your home town of Chicago.  We were student athletes, running into each other in the Fieldhouse.  My freshman year, we both lived in Woodward Court--you were a friendly face when we moved in after living in the sports dorms.  We were both work study kids--and we had jobs at the Fieldhouse/gym.  You were a supervisor, and I checked IDs when people came in.  It was 1991.  I worked until midnight, and would walk home alone after work, because there were streetlights and sidewalks, so I was safe, right?  At some point my first year, a woman was taken (kidnapped seems like too dramatic a term) in the evening, in the proximity of my walk home.  My next night at work following that event, you showed up to walk me home.  I insisted that I didn't need help and could do it alone.  You showed up at the Fieldhouse at the end of all my shifts to walk me home.
At some point, you kissed me.
We dated.  We loved with all the fervor of young adults, squeezing into my dorm room's twin bed for the night, playing songs, madly in love.  You were my date to my sorority formal.  I always felt like I never quite good enough in those sorority sorority sisters all had more money, nicer clothes, were thinner/prettier than me, etc., and you knew how I felt.  Like me, you were a kid with parents who worked for living--who were sacrificing to send us to college.  I remember at that formal, our Rose Ball, at the Hotel Intercontinental downtown, we stood on a balcony and you told me...something along the lines of me often comparing myself to my sisters....and that on that night, I had them all beat.  You made me feel like the prettiest girl at the ball.
And, we dated.  At some point that year, we stopped dating.  That was all me.  I remember agonizing over my decision to my best friend Gina, telling her that you were the kind of guy I wanted to marry, but that at 18, I needed to see what was out there.  So we broke up.  And you were wonderful.  And so began a epic friendship that would span hundreds of miles and committed relationships.
I eventually moved back to New York.  You would visit every year, on your way to see family in Connecticut.  We would write letters, talk on the phone, and stay in touch, never mentioning whether or when we had significant others of our own.
And then there was the visit in 2002.  You and a few friends from college were supposed to come...only they didn't, and you did.  It was just you and me for a weekend, all alone as adults, spending time together.  And you kissed me.
We decided that weekend, that despite the fact that you were in Michigan and I in New York, that we would date exclusively.  I planned flights and you planned road trips.  We talked every day.  During one trip you gave me a ring, and announced you would move to New York.  You didn't tell me how much you were sacrificing career-wise to come.  But you came.  When you proposed, I questioned you...were you sure...I declared that I never wanted to have children, and that you needed to be a dad.  You chose me over fatherhood.
You came to New York, and we married in Las Vegas.
When you moved, you brought lots of things.  Among those things were all the letters and cards I sent you since we parted ways.  I read them--and it was an awakening--my letters to you were so affectionate, so caring, that I realized that you had always held such a special place in my heart, even when I didn't know it.
And then, one day, I wanted to start a family. I was the woman who professed I would never want to, and you loved me anyway.  I've always described that awakening in me as once the pieces of your life fit together so well, and you love someone so much, you want to expand that love.  And so we did.
Dani, Tori, and Tommy.  I can't imagine life without them, or you.
I know that when we said our vows, we pledged for better or for worse.
I recognize, sometimes, perhaps even often, I test that vow.
There is no me, without you.
You are the rock that holds our family together.  I'm the silly string that makes it a fun mess.
You have encouraged and supported me to achieve my goals, at the sacrifice of our time together.  You are the best father I could have envisioned for my children.
You are the most patient and loving husband I could ask for.
You are my best friend, my confidant, my love.
It's been nine years on paper, but two decades in my heart.
Happy Anniversary, my love.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

40 is the new, well 40.

I turned 40 a few days ago.  We had a rocking party, with lots of friends, and it was awesome.  There's an overdue retrospective of how I got here, and where I'm headed, but tonight's not the night.
It's been hard to make time for blogging lately.  Work has been crushing me, and things have been downright chaotic at home.  Not in a bad way, but certainly, I could and should be making more time for the things that are important.
Like this little dude.
 Our house is now officially high chair free.  Everyone sits at the dining room table, like big kids.  It blows my mind that my three children are pretty much conversational.
 Working so much means that I try to pack as much fun into the limited time I have with the kiddos.  Tori's always up for a fashion show.
Dani rocks her school uniform.
 We went apple picking.  I'd never been before.  There was a wagon ride, and a hay maze.  There was also a huge corn maze that I didn't dare take the kids into, lest the state police helicopters have to rescue us when three kids decided to run in three different directions into the corn.
 Every one in one hundred pics results in near smiles from everyone.
 I was pleasantly surprised at how low to the ground the apple trees were.  The kids had no trouble picking them.
 And nothing tastes as good as a minutes-ago picked apple.
 I love this picture.  Its the kids walking back to the apple farm, each following their own path, but sticking together, keeping pace with each other.
 We made masks this week, and tons of Halloween decorations--pumpkins and bats are all over our house, we're working on the Halloween costumes, which should be pretty darn cool this year.
 Tommy wasn't so keen on wearing his mask.
See his curls?  Gone.  Big Man gave the little guy a buzz cut while I was at work on Friday.  He went from looking like my little baby boy, to a kid.  A KID!  Where'd my baby go?