Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Early Easter!

Grandma Deb came over to wish Dani Happy Easter! Deb's headed to Phoenix and then Orlando to see her grandkids, and won't be back until the 14th--so she started Dani's Easter early. With an awesome basket filled with stuff and a BALLOON! Dani was in heaven!
Dani was running all around the house bopping the balloon on the string--and she even said "balloon"!
Mommy has already eaten her Easter cookie (don't tell Dani as mommy didn't share.)
She's getting so big and is so much fun!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

As Billy Fucillo says:

It's HUUUUUUGGGGGEEEE! (my belly that is). Took this one lying on the couch. So big, round and Buddha like, no?Dani and I went for a walk with Gail the other night. Great neighborhood for walking--lots of kids and puppies to wave to. Also, they have a playful, declawed kitten who seemed to enjoy being tormented by Dani.
And lastly, some pre-bedtime stretching.

Final ultrasound tomorrow--keep your fingers crossed that we see something dangling!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down, a Dani guest post.

Hi everybody, Dani here. Mommy said I could make a guest post tonight because I wanted to share some things that I like and some things that make me kinda mad. Now that I'm a toddler, I am probably going to have a lot more to say, so get used to it.

First, a BIG thumbs down to teething. I'm getting these things called molars and, well, if I knew any swear words, I'd probably be saying them. It hurts. I keep chewing and chewing on my fingers but it doesn't really help. But tonight, mommy tried something new...she gave me a freezy pop. (editor's/mommy's note: it was 100% juice) A thumbs up to freezy pops. It was so cold and yummy it made me forget that I was mad about my gums being sore.

A big thumbs up to spring. What a great season. Last spring I was just a little baby and I didn't really get to go outside and enjoy it. It is so nice and warm. Mommy lets me walk her up and down the block and all over the yard; I just hold on to her finger and I get to explore the neighborhood. There are so many dogs, and cars and neat stuff! Of course, I still love my swing but walking around is super great!

Another thumbs up to my cat, Scrubbie. He lets me pet him and kiss him as much as I want. And I like to give him lots of kisses, even if sometimes I get hair in my mouth. Another even bigger thumbs up to babies. Mommy is going to have one soon, and I pat her belly and kiss it. Hopefully the new baby will be as fun as my baby doll. I like to kiss it and give it bottles. Even Scrubbie likes to snuggle with my baby doll.

And, another thumbs up to toys! Gail got me a sit and spin. I can't really spin it myself yet, but mommy can spin me and it is a lot of fun. I love to spin around, sometimes I do it until I fall on my butt!

Ok, I guess it's bedtime now, so I have to go. But I promise to post more soon!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Monday, March 15, 2010

15 Month Checkup.

Big Man took Dani to her 15 month visit today. Apparently, for the first time, she reacted much like a dog at the vet. Not pleased. He said she screamed from the moment he brought her back with the nurse until they left. She wouldn't stand on the scale or assist in any way and was just squirming and fighting the man. (There's a reason mommy doesn't attend these visits.)

So, she weighs 20 pounds, 14 ounces, and is 31 1/2 inches long, and cute as heck. Although tonight mommy and Dani shed some tears when she fell down went boom on mommy's watch. Not fun. But it happened on daddy's dime today as well.

Dani seems to have interited her mommy's clumsy nature and mommy's tendency not to pay attention to things as carefully as she should. She takes off running, or walking even, and doesn't really look at what's on the floor in front of her. She took a little tumble this morning (on daddy's watch) and started wailing. She was crying and clinging to me when Big Man says, "I know what might help," and breaks out one of the birthday lollipops. The second Dani saw it the tears ended and she smiled. I am certain that we taught the lesson today that: candy is your friend and you should cry until you get some. Awesome.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

We love craigslist!

I found a talking Elmo sit and spin chair on craigslist this weekend. Needless to say Dani was thrilled.

Dani also loves laundry basket rides.

This video shows Dani's first few minutes in the Elmo chair. Be sure to watch until the very end.

Just a little high chair silliness in this video:

Stay tuned for some rockin' St. Patty's Day photos.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Dani's guilty pleasure.

Like mommy, Dani looks forward to the weekly delivery of Star Magazine so she can read all about her fave celebs: It's been so spring-like that we had to break out Dani's new spring coat--an awesome valentine's gift from our local grandma emeritus, Debi Marek!
I know I've been posting much less frequently...just tired. Being 33 weeks pregnant, running a business, and chasing a toddler manage to sap a lot of my energy. (sorry dad.)
Things are moving along--we're amazingly laid back about this next baby. Maybe because we have one already, so we figure how hard can it be? But we haven't moved a single thing out of the attic to prepare; I did buy a baby book tonight at Target, because I have a feeling that without a real effort, baby 2 is going to ask why there are 27 photo albums of Dani and 2 pictures of her...well, also I might have bought it because it was on clearance for $7 but don't tell the new kid that, 'kay?
Still no consensus on the name. Ideas anyone?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

They say it's your birthday, a Dani guest post.

Hi everybody, Dani here. It's been awhile since Mommy let me post to her blog. There are so many exciting things happening here. I'm getting lots of teeth, sometimes it hurts though. Mommy's tummy is getting realy big. She moves kinda slow and is always saying her back hurts. She's not as fun as she used to be. But they say there's a baby in her tummy. I like babies. Daddy has been reading me books about babies, and I have been practicing giving kisses to my baby doll and the cat. The cat likes kisses, but sometimes it makes fur get in my mouth.
Mommy took this picture of me after my nap today.

It has also been getting warmer. Mommy took me outside today and I got to go on my swing. I also got to walk around in the back yard. Mommy says that she is getting a swingset for me to play on. I can't wait!

Today is Daddy's birthday. It's also my Grandma's birthday! My Grandma is coming to visit me on April 11, and she is bringing my Great-grandma with her. And, I get them all to myself because the new baby won't be here yet. Grandma and Grandpa sent Daddy a box with presents in it. There were presents for me too--a new baby doll! There were also these things called tootsie pops in the box and Daddy let me try one. It was so super yummy! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

I'm pretty sure that Daddy had a good birthday. I gave him lots of kisses today. Last night, Mommy and Daddy got dressed up and went out to dinner for Daddy's birthday. Here is a picture of me and Mommy before they went out. See how big her tummy is? I can barely sit on her lap anymore. I hope that when the new baby comes there will be more room to sit on her.

I learned to do something new. I like to spin around and around until I can't spin anymore. It's lots of fun and makes me feel all silly. I do it alot. Mommy is always telling me to be careful, because sometimes I fall down when I do it. She worries too much.

We had cupcakes for Daddy's birthday. Mommy and I sang to him and he blew out a candle. Then I got to have my very own cupcake! It was so yummy. I really liked the frosting and that I got to hold it all by myself.

Well, I think that is pretty much all that is new and exciting here. Oh yeah, Mommy quit her job and became her own boss. She's a lawyer, you know. She seems really happy and I get to see her more so it makes me happy too.

Grandma and Daddy, I hope that you both had a happy birthday and I love you! Bye, bye!