Sunday, February 24, 2013

Missed my calling.

I should have totally gone to cosmetology school.  I give rockin' good kiddie haircuts.  Tommy's was last week:
 And Tori's was today.  Tommy's a little dude, so I can cut his hair--Tori I figured would go back to the salon with Dani and have some hair texturizing with the cutting.  I mentioned it to her and she was insistent that NO, she would not be going back to the salon.  So, I cut it this morning.  She seemed pretty happy about it.

Shorter hair will make life SO much easier!  We spend tons of time just combing it out every day!
After dinner, the kids played in bins.  Tori and Tommy were train cars, and Dani was pushing them around the house.

They had a blast!

*Sung to the tune of Thomas and His Friends 
They're one, they're two, well almost three, and four years old is our Dani 
Running 'round the house,being silly all day
All with different roles to play
Thomas and his friends.
Tori, she's the cheeky one, loud and silly, and lots of fun;
Dani really knows her stuff, she's the big sis so she huffs and puffs;
Tommy, cutie baby boy, runs around and plays with toys,
Thomas and his friends!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Spider Tori, showing off her web shooting stance at dinner last night.
 A happy moment with the little dude--maybe he read the last post about his bad attitude, because the last two nights have been great.
 Tori and Dani put on backpacks last night and decided they were going to school.  Tommy grabbed one, brought it to me and said "back pack"; he wants to go too.
He always wants to do whatever they are doing, and tries to say whatever he hears Dani and Tori say!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The crying game.

For some reason, Tommy has decided that he wants to torture mommy test my patience on an hourly basis.  Everything I do is wrong.  I don't play right, or entertain him enough, and so I am faced with Mr. Screamypants.
 He will literally make the saddest face, and then wail at the top of his lungs right in front of me.  For kicks, he flings himself on the floor, to highlight his dissatisfaction with me.

Spare any xanax, friends?
 Tori's latest project is making paths of books throughout the house.

 I've mentioned a million times what great eaters these kids are.  Last night, I made a kick-ass grown up dinner of linguine with super-garlicky white sauce with clams, shrimp, artichoke hearts and sun dried tomatoes.  I made extra pasta, fully anticipating the outright rejection of dinner by Dani and Tori.  To my surprise, they chowed down, without reservation!  And, they were super excited to have long noodles, just like big kids!

It was a little messy, but they had a blast.
 And, little Tommy.  Looking all happy and cute--for Daddy of course--he took this pic.  As soon as he sees me he summons up his best toddler angst.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Toddlers and Tiaras.

Well, I'm glad to report that I'm back from the sick and back at it. 
In preparation for this weekend's "Princess Tea Party" we erected a castle in the playroom.
Prince Tommy stood guard over the princesses.
 The girs were so excited to get dressed up.  And to wear make up!
 Tori took a liking to Cinderella.  She refused to pose for many pictures, or to remove her sunglasses for the first hour.  She was surprisingly timid when we first arrived, but quickly got her princess on.
 We met Belle and Rapunzel.
 Knightly young men brought tea, and finger sandwiches to our tables.
 Iced tea tastes so much better in real china!
Dani recently watched Brave, and was very excited to meet Merida!
 Ariel was even there.
 What a creative fundraiser for the junior prom at my alma mater.  I saw a ton of women I remembered from high school, that I hadn't seen in decades a few years or so.  There had to be 200 kids, in various forms of princess/dress up clothes, all acting like little ladies.  The girls had a blast!