Saturday, October 6, 2007

Being pregnant sucks

Week 14. Man this sucks.

Just over a week ago I woke up in agony. Belly distended, pain, bad. Call doc. Start spotting. Head to ER.
Note: never go to the ER unless you are dying. (My OB wasn't in and his office instructed me to.) They took some blood, gave me some pain pills and sent me on the way. Next day, call doc again as even the codeine won't stop the pain and they send me for an emergency ultrasound. There, I learn that I have a fibroid tumor (benign) growing in my uterus, and it is bigger than the baby. No wonder

I am so big for 3 months. Anyway, head to the doc to learn that I should expect the fibroid to grow along w/the baby and am informed that I am measuring at about 6mos size. Nice! Nothing like telling a big girl she's going to be even bigger throughout the prenancy.

So, after a few days the GI hell/fibroid combo calms down as the GI part subsides. Now I am just uncomfortable, bigger than I should be by a LOT, and feeling downright crappy. Second trimester is when I am supposed to start feeling better.

Luckily, I am married to the best husband in the universe who has now expanded his list of household responsibilities to everything: cleaning, laundry, cooking, shopping, as I come home from work and assume a slug-like position on the couch. He's been pretty great, which says a lot since we haven't had sex since I conceived. Yep, I feel that lousy.

Hopefully things will pick up. Went shopping for maternity clothes today. Try finding maternity pants when you are a size 18. Not fun. Found plenty of cute tops though.

Cleaned up at a garage sale 2 weeks ago. Spent $80 and got a Graco bassinette w/mobile and adjustable height; Graco pack and play (word on the streets is that its the bomb!); baby monitor; Graco car seat (back up for Wes' car); Changing table. Even the hubby agreed that it was a fine haul.

Otherwise, things are moving along.
Dying to leave my job. Hate it. Nothing like feeling pregnant and miserable, and then hating every minute you are at work. Working on making a break at the end of the year. Will mean less dough, but closer to home which is a plus.

According to babycenter, the baby is the size of a lemon this week.

Haven't had a drink since July. My liver must be loving me! Never in my life have I gone three months (or three weeks for that matter) without alcoholic beverages. I wouldn't mind a glass of wine, but not taking the risk. I will just enjoy it all the more in the spring.

Working on names. We've decided we are having a boy. Have boy names picked. No girl names yet. Would like to find out but the fibroid tumor is in the front of my uterus and makes it hard to see the baby, so may be impossible. But, I am having regular ultrasounds because of the tumor, so hopefully the angle will be right at some point.

That's all for now. I am finding interesting blogs that people have re: their kids.

My faves so far:
Funny and well written and very entertaining