Saturday, June 15, 2013

Father's Day, a Dani, Tori, and Tommy Guest Post.

Hey, Tori, I've been thinking.  Isn't Father's Day coming up?  Are we supposed to be doing something for Daddy? (Tommy)
Tommy, can't you see I'm busy playing on Mommy's tablet?  Leave me alone.  (Tori)
Oh, wait!  Tommy, you're right!  Father's Day is coming up. What should we do?
I dunno, Tori, let's ask Dani.  She knows everything.
What do you guys want? (Dani)
Dani, it's almost Father's Day, what are we going to do???
Deede, faga day, doooo?
Don't worry guys, I've got it under control.

I'm totally online right now ordering Daddy some really cool stuff, and getting us Father's Day shirts to wear.  Tori, go in the kitchen and get me Mommy's wallet.
OK Dani.  What are we getting Daddy?
What do you think we should get Daddy? 
Let's get him some coloring books!  And some cookies.
Coookie!  Cookie!
GUYS!  We have to think about Daddy!  He's super fun, and he doesn't want coloring books!  Remember when we climbed in his shirt and we were the three headed Daddy monster?  Maybe we should get him a new shirt?
Daaaddy!  Kitty!  Funny!
 Hmmm, you're right, Dani.  I will sit here and think about it.  What can you buy for the best Daddy in the whole wide world?  He gives the best hugs.  Can we give him hugs?  He likes brownies, can we make him brownies?
Now you're thinking, Tori!  We can bake him brownies.  Let me get Mommy to help.  I think we should color him some pictures too.
Crayons!  Paper!  (puts crayon in mouth)
Okay Dani, I'm going to draw a picture for Daddy.

 Daddy is good at pushing us on swings.  I will draw the playground.
Playground!  Outside! (puts on shoes)
 Daddy always takes us outside.  Remember when Tommy helped him mow the lawn?
When I think about Daddy, I am happy.  He is big, and brown, and tall.  He gives me kisses, and he taught me how to snap my fingers.  He plays the Beatles for me, and he gives the best hugs!

Daddy always reads books with me.  And he makes the best pancakes.  I love pancakes.
Pancakes!  Pancakes!
Dani, Tori and I join Tommy in raising our sippy cups to you, this Father's Day.

I couldn't have asked for a better husband or father.  You are the foundation of this family; the solid base from which we all grow, together, learning, loving, and striving to make you proud of us, and hoping that you always know how much we truly adore you.

Sunday, June 9, 2013


I tried to make up for lost time this weekend, as I was working far too early and far too late most of last week to deal with computer network crisis after crisis.  We painted, and made crafts, and shopped, and I tried to have special alone time with each kiddo.
 Tori, our budding artist.
 I swear, this Gillibrand t-shirt is on of about a million she has, but she keeps choosing it with not even the slightest suggestion from me!
 After a trip to Target with Tommy (while the girls were napping and Wes had yard work to do) we pulled into the driveway, and the minute Tommy got out of the car, he yelled, "Daddy!"  Moments later, he was helping to mow.
 "In a few years, you'll curse me when this is really your job," said Daddy.
They are all at the perfect age--everyone loves to play (and fight, and push, and shriek, and yell, etc.) together!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Dani draws.

Me:  Dani, you drew a picture of a kid crying?  Why is she sad?
Dani: Mommy, it's Tori.
Me:  Why is Tori crying?'
Dani: She's crying because she didn't get her way.  She's crying for no reason.

Sunday, June 2, 2013