Saturday, August 30, 2008

Don't tell the Big Man, but...

...I let potential buyers tour the house while he was sleeping today!

Big Man had to work last night. I was up very early, out delivering lawn signs for the local Assembly race, and got back a few minutes after he arrived home. *He brought home breakfast and coffee, bless him! It was definitely a morning that I was feeling like a ravenous dog! Baby was HUNGRY.

Big Man goes to sleep at about 9am.

10:15am: phone rings. It's our realtor. She is showing a house in nearby Schenectady to a couple, who has just described their dream home in a way, according to the realtor, that paints a picture of mine. When can they come over? I explain that Big Man is sleeping, but we can't find any time that works for me/potential buyers in the next few days. But these buyers are anxious, and don't have a home to sell before they can buy, ideal!

So, I tell the realtor that if the buyer's won't mind that (a) I will be home (hadn't even showered yet...) and (b) they won't be able to see the master bedroom because Big Man will be sleeping in it, that they can come over. Deal. She tells me that they will be over in 30. I speed through the house, hiding clutter, etc. They come through, I'm sitting on the couch watching CNN, and they hit all 4 floors from basement to attic. Then they walk around the block to check the neighboorhood and program the city's municipal golfcourse into their GPS. Realtor calls later to say they LOVED the house and they told her they'd think about it over the weekend!

When the Big Man is sleeping, I am taking care of Bid-ness!

**update (9/1). Big Man slept through everything, heard nothing, almost did not believe me when I told him about the above.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Creepy, but in a good way.

Last night, we stayed up to watch Obama speak. To be more honest, the Big Man was watching the Cubs game, but I made him switch to the convention, and then he dozed. During the Obama speech, I had my hands on my big ol' belly, and I felt some kicks.

At first, it was pretty creepy, because it felt like something inside me was trying to get out. Like a B movie where the alien spawn finishes eating its host and then claws its way out via the abdomen. I woke up the Big Man to have a feel. Then I just sat on the couch, teary, feeling the baby and listening to our next President speak. Clearly, baby's a democrat, as her first kick was during O's speech.

I'll use the feminine for now. Still optimistic that at the 32 week ultrasound, the doc will notice my baby's huge penis. :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm a spelunker.

Took the day off to hang out with the Big Man today.

There are a million tourist attractions nearby that we've never really been to. So, today we went to Howe Caverns, which is a huge underground cave with cool rock formations and stuff. It's also a constant 52 degrees in the cave (about 150-210 feet below ground) so Big Man was pleased. Thoughts for next time: an 80 minute, one mile walk/boatride combo with no bathrooms available is really a stretch when you're 6 months pregnant; wet underground rock formations wreak havoc on your allergies, double up on the benadryl next time, and bring lots of tissues. We also learned that, without an SD card that we don't have, our brand new digital camera takes 12 pictures. Needless to say, we ordered an SD card when we got home. Cool rock:
Erection rock:

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sugar and spice and everything nice.

Ok, so I've had about 8 hours to digest the news that we are having a girl.

I wasn't scheduled for an ultrasound today. Just the heartbeat and belly measurement. So, Big Man opted not to come because the visit takes, like, ten minutes. I had a super-nice nurse who asked me if I knew if the baby was a boy or girl. I told her that I was dying to know but the baby wouldn't cooperate. She asked me if I wanted to try to find out, and I was like YES! So she grabbed an ultrasound tech, and ran me down the hall to squeeze me in for an unauthorized peek between scheduled ultrasounds. Ultrasound tech said it would have to be quick and if they couldn't tell right away, I would be out of luck. Then she said, "Those are girl parts." And, they were. Even I could tell. Big Man missed it.

So I leave the doctor, and call the Big Man to tell him the news, with the theory that maybe the penis was tucked in, kind of like the serial killer in Silence of the Lambs, but he wasn't buying it. So, we have the "at least the baby's healthy because that's the most important thing" moment, which you say, because that's what your are supposed to say and mean it. And, I will, I'm sure, but at the moment, I'd still prefer a boy. Yeah, I know I'll love the little girl and stuff, but girls are just so scary. What if she turns out like me? Exactly what I need, a little mini-me know-it-all Bethany Jr.

Plus, girls are all insecure, and what if she wants to be a cheerleader? Or what if she wants to play with Bratz dolls or doesn't like football? We just might have to give her away.

According to the nice chart on my blog, I have 111 days to get used to the idea.

Dear little baby, by the time you are old enough to read this, it will be because you know about my blog, and therefore we loved you a lot and did not really give you away because you were a girl. So, please (a) lose any thought that you will ever be a cheerleader; (b) don't get pregnant until you are done with college; (c) don't ever listen to your best friend from college and get an ill-placed tattoo (trust me on this one); (d) know that your dad and I did love you a lot from the moment you were conceived, even if you turned out to be a girl.

In other news, a couple came to see our house for the second time; maybe we will get an offer, but they have to sell a house in order to buy. This would make the entire transaction like a crazy set of dominos--The sellers of the house we want to buy have a contract to buy a new house contingent on their sale; we have a contract to buy contingent on our sale, and our potential buyers would have a contract to buy our house if they can sell. Interestingly, the interested couple have a newer, totally renovated house, and really want an old house. Too bad we didn't meet them sooner; we could have traded.

Lots more is on the horizon life-wise, but not ready to dish it out yet. Big news to be forthcoming though.

Taking tomorrow off to spend the day with the Big Man. Possibly a day trip or something. We shall see.

Anyway, have a name picked out for the wee one; I had decided some weeks ago when the Big Man would only entertain Bethany Jr., because we didn't think we were having a girl. Anyway, he liked it enough, so we're set on that at least.

Baby update.

It's a girl!

Just found out at today's doctor visit...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Get yourself a little something...

Just heard about this site:

This is what it promises:
SomethingStore is a fun new website that operates simply: We will send you something, an item selected randomly among many things from our inventory, for $10 (free shipping in the US) and you will find out what your something is when you receive it. What will yours be?

The reviews from those who have partaken are mixed, some people loved the stuff and others said their something was cheap crap.

Call me a sucka, but for $10, I'm game. I placed an order last night.

I'll be sure to let you know if it's total crap or not, but a girl loves surprises!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Why you shouldn't vote for John McCain, part III.

I've posted a number of rants about my thoughts on the butternut squash headed Republican candidate for president, and his fembot wife.

If you need another reason NOT to vote for him....(and you shouldn't) the man was unable to tell a reporter how many houses he owns. Sounds like someone really in touch with the day to day needs of the common man, huh? Well, maybe the houses are actually owned by his rich wife, you know the one who was hospitalized because her carpal tunnel syndrome was aggravated from shaking too many hands? Who are these people??? Certainly not people I'd trust to help the little guy.

There's already a great Obama ad about "country club economics" and McCain's house issue. Rock on!

Better luck next time around...

Well, I haven't gotten Obama's VP text, but I'm betting that HRC ain't gonna be on the ticket. Not too proud to post a gratutious photo of me and the candidate though!
In other news, just booked a trip to NC to visit the folks at the end of September. Traded Bulger for Orton in my fantasy league; Big Man says I'm crazy, but I predict the move will later be heralded as genius.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Can't blog tonight.

Bears game is primetime. Woo hoo!

Stay tuned though, lots to report...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Alice in Wonderland door...

I tried to get the Big Man to pose (from the back to keep his identity a secret) but alas, he said no. Anyway, watching him walk out of the half bathroom tonight (bathroom is under the stairs on first floor), I was reminded of Alice and Wonderland. He has to duck to go into and out of the bathroom. The bathroom is just a space maximizer and is really handy. When the door is open, it is right next to the door to the kitchen (Victorian house, designed to hide the help, next to servant stairwell) and it just looks so small! Now, our ceilings are high, and the kitchen door is probably big? In any event, this just gives an interesting perspective. Would be better if the big man posed...I'm short enough that it would look like a regular door.

And yes, I did drink all of the wine that went into the making of the cork wreath. Gosh, I miss wine.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Insanity recap.

Ah, the end of another week.

Watched the Raiders game last night and they looked pretty good. They are due for a decent season. And, my fantasy team RB LenDale White was tearing it up, and should be a decent point-getter for me in the regular season! So, other than Bulger and my mediocre defenses, my fantasy team is looking pretty decent.

House is on the market and there's an open house on Sunday. I've convinced the big man that we should hang at my office during the open house so I can get some work done, and he can watch cable. Free and productive. Hoping for some decent interest in it this weekend...

Just two days shy of 23 weeks now. I've decided that 23 weeks is the perfect gestation period; I'm not too miserable yet, but I've been pregnant long enough to really wish it were over. So, it would be really nice if I could just have that baby now. Really, I'd also like to drink about a bottle of wine as well. That would be nice. Oh well, 3 more months! Interestingly, as this pregnancy progresses, and unlike the experiences most of my friends have had, I am getting LESS nervous about the whole thing. While I still have never changed a diaper, or ever held a newborn, crack mothers and teenagers manage. I am just surprisingly calm. My friends are planning a shower for me, and I'm even pretty laid back about the baby items, it's like, it has 4 stars on, good enough for me. I'm hoping this lasts and abject panic does not set in.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thanks Bill!

Our awesome friend Bill just sent us a package from China filled with Olympic goodies!

Apparently he was just in Beijing and was awesome enough to send us this cool stuff! Thanks Bill!

Guest blog

I am guest blogging today over at if you would like to read.

Not much to post today. I read about a website called in Good Housekeeping, so I'm going to try to sell my books instead of blogging tonight--the article's author said she made over $200! Baby needs a new pair of shoes! (or a crib or something useful) I'll be sure to let you know if its a scam.

Oh, and house is on the market as of this morning...

Monday, August 11, 2008

F&#k the automated draft!

I hate the automatic draft. This is my 3rd season of fantasy, and I ALWAYS get shitty quarterbacks. My team:
Bulger, Marc QB STL
Westbrook, Brian RB PHI
White, LenDale RB TEN
Coles, Laveranues WR NYJ
Owens, Terrell WR DAL
Williams, Roy WR DET
Gates, Antonio TE SD
Crosby, Mason K GB
Jaguars, DST DST JAC
Garrard, David QB JAC
James, Edgerrin RB ARI
Bruce, Isaac WR SF
Olsen, Greg TE CHI
Cardinals, DST DST ARI

Bulger? What a disaster. Big man says when he's healthy he's a good quarterback. Too bad he's (a) never healthy and (b) not that good. I had him like 2 years ago, and he sucked for me then too.
I just submitted an add/drop to pick up Robbie Gould and drop whoever the hell Mason Crosby is. Bad news is I'm 10th on the waiver list so I probably won't get him.
Pretty happy with the WRs, especially since Favre will be throwing to Coles. Defenses could be better, but Wesbrook and Gates should be solid for me. As long as I beat the Big Man. Every year the Big Man picks a league, and picks my team name, which I am sure is the subject of mockery by the other league members. This year my team is "Baby Momma ESQ". Last year it was "Stork Stalkin' Doll ESQ" and once I was pregnant was changed to "Bun Oven Doll ESQ", and the year before it was "Honorable Doll ESQ". It's cute, really, because he names them. But enough with the girly gushing, I'm going to crush him.

Big Man's (inferior) team:
Palmer, Carson QB CIN
Maroney, Laurence RB NE
Portis, Clinton RB WAS
Curtis, Kevin WR PHI
Holmes, Santonio WR PIT
Houshmandzadeh, T.J. WR CIN
Witten, Jason TE DAL
Brown, Josh K STL
Chargers, DST DST SD
Leinart, Matt QB ARI
Mendenhall, Rashard RB PIT
Hardy, James WR BUF
Boss, Kevin TE NYG
Redskins, DST DST WAS

I think my team's better, but he pays more attention and has better strategy.

The 11th Commandment: Thou shalt flasheth the headlights when a cop is aheadst of thou.

Somebody did me a solid yesterday. They hit me with the flash of the headlights to let me know a speed trap was up ahead! Rock on. In the age of daytime running lights and, well, basically people being bigger dicks than they were 10 years ago, the ol' flash to warn is all too rare.

I have to confess that since I got the wife badge, I've not paid much attention to my speed. (Yep, it's a real badge, smaller, but identical to the Big Man's and is essentially my get out of jail free card.) This is especially true on this big hill (Northampton Ave. for the local folks) I often drive down. The sheer physics of my car's weight and the slope of the hill mean that I usually hit about 50mph without touching the gas. And no, I don't usually apply the brakes.

Anyway, just as I was nearing top speed, some benevolent soul hit me with the headlight flash. I slowed down, and about 1/4 mile ahead, smokey bear was waiting. Nice.

That is one habit we need to bring back. I remember it happening all the time in the 80s when I was learning to drive, but not so much anymore. Saved me a ticket. Pay it forward, yo.

My house looks so good I don't want to move.

It's amazing what a little motivation will do. Look at this lovely home:
(want to buy it?)
My house looks freaking great. Show-worthy. Dial up HGTV! The formal living room looks so big, and neat, showcasing the lovely built-ins (make me an offer!):

The upstairs bathroom, so organized and welcoming (almost spa-like!):

The office--not even a piece of scrap paper anywhere:

I don't think this can last, given my Tasmanian-devil style of housekeeping. BUT it sure looks great right this minute (make me an offer!).

Big man is painting the front porch as I type. (Why didn't we do what while we lived here? Well we technically still do, but not for long. Because we are lazy slugs, that's why!) I'm embarassed to say, I went outside with the "wet paint" signs as he was getting started, and noticed dirt on the part that was to be painted, and asked, "Are you going to clean that before you paint?" The sad thing is that he would never consider painting before cleaning and doing it right (because he pays attention to silly things like details), but because I probably (ok definitely) would have just slapped on the paint (and wondered why it peeled a few days later) I had to ask the question. I am definitely the half-asser in this relationship. I really hope I'm more attentive to the baby. Which reminds me, perhaps the 3 cookies I just ate with a can of seltzer aren't really a good dinner; thank god for prenatal vitamins!

I'm sure it's the hormones, but last night, I totally bawled at the prospect of leaving my pretty house.

So, dear reader (Dad) let's take a vote.
Which house do you like better? What's your style?
119 years old or 19 years old?
Plaster or sheetrock?
Hardwood or wall-to-wall carpeting?
Main thoroughfare or cul-de-sac?

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Another reason to hate Brett Favre.

Favre joining the Jets was such a big story that the stupid Jets preseason game replay bumped the Bears game NFL replay. And Favre wasn't even playing. Dammit!

I'm glad he's out of the NFC North.

A mean part of me really wants him to completely stink up the joint this year. The other part of me wants him to take the Jets to the superbowl v. the Bears so we can rip his heart out.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Buy my house please.

We did it. Signed a contract tonight to buy the new house contingent on selling our existing one. Waiting for comps from the realtor, and we are listing on Sunday. Today I packed about 8 boxes of stuff to make the house look roomier and show off the mantel, etc.

We realized that if our realtor doesn't think she can sell the house for our drop dead price, we're screwed. Oops. So say a little prayer that she has the same numbers in her head as we do, or we may be in trouble!

Anyway, I'm exhausted and all I did was pack a few boxes, what the heck was I thinking???

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Offer is in.

Kill me now. I just put in an offer on a raised ranch with popcorn ceilings.
Really just faxed our signed offer to the realtor.

Am I crazy?

I bought ten moving boxes at the UPS store to de-clutter, lest we have a signed contract this week. Oh, and the realtor is coming over to list the house and take photos on Sunday. Have you seen my house?

Let's just say, I'm good at clutter. Not so good on organizing, and keeping things neat.

Did I mention we have dinner plans tomorrow, and I have a trial in City Court on Thursday night? So, we're talking marathon packing/cleaning, etc. Saturday and Sunday AM. Good thing I have so much energy these days, and I'm in tip-top shape, lithe and coordinated, not pregnant and exhausted or anything. These days, I feel like a T-Rex. Like my belly is getting big enough that it is making my arms feel short. I have to turn sideways to get stuff out of the washing machine with my little T-Rex arms. Frustrating! So dusting and packing and stuff should be extra easy!
But, looks like we are within a day or two of knowing whether we are buying or staying put. Well kind of. Our offer's contingent on the sale of our home. But we are going to list it low to get it sold. Good thing the housing market's so good now. Yeah, great market to be a seller these days so there should be no problem, right?

Anyway, I'm convinced that we're on a good roll, and that it will just work.

Talk to me on Sunday when I've finished scrubbing toilets, and see if I still think so.

Monday, August 4, 2008

More than I can chew?

We've decided, somewhat abruptly, to put in an offer on a house we saw tonight. We kind of stumbled into the whole new-house concept last week. And, hey, why not? It's not like I'm that pregnant yet anyway.

So, we had set at timeline that we'd be in a more family friendly house in the next two years. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my Victorian, but it is just not that family friendly, and as the big man takes on more (okay basically all) household duties, having a laundry room which allows him to stand fully erect would be nice. And I miss real closets.

So, we went to see a (cringe) raised ranch tonight. I liked it way more than I thought I would. It's 19 years old; the upstairs has kitchen with deck, living/dining combo, along with three bedrooms (one conveniently a thomas the tank engine boy theme and the other a butterfly girl theme, perfect for mystery baby) and a full bath. There are real closets, everywhere. Downstairs has a large family room, with a small kitchen (originally designed for inlaws and will be a bonus for holiday cooking and parties!) another full bathroom, a fourth bedroom, and another room which would be a home office (or another bedroom if we keep banging out the babies), and a laundry room, with new washer and dryer. And, the house has central air, a bigger lot than we have now, and a one car garage. No hardwood, but nothing is more than 19 years old. Popcorn ceilings, but lots of well layed-out space. Sellers just had a buyer fall through, so lowered the price a lot. If all goes well with a sale on our house, our mortgage should be only minimally larger than it is now.

We are going to put in a contingent offer tomorrow. If they take it, and we can sell our house, we will move, hopefully before I am as big as a house.

My theory has always been, take risks! We bought this house as Big Man was switching jobs and taking a big pay cut. We had a hugely expensive holiday bash last year just after I had quit my job, and a month before I was beginning the new one at about 60% salary. Basically, flying by the seat o' my pants seems to have worked for the last 34 years or so...

So, I have to pack up some shizzle in our house, declutter, put a ton o' shit in the attic, and keep our behemoth clean and organized, a task I can barely handle when not knocked up.

Feels right though.
Plenty of room for a pool in the new yard.

Props to my friends Gina and Tara, who both sent me baby stuff today. Gina sent the book Baby Bargains, which will be uber-useful, and Tara sent the book Babyhood by Paul Reiser which I know will be hilarious, and Tara says has great insights, and she also sent me a rockin' maternity top. Thanks girls!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Finally, football season is upon us.

Sitting in the comfy chair, watching the Hall of Fame game with the big man.

Football season has begun!

Woo hoo!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Dark Knight, four thumbs up (baby voted too)

Big man and I went to see The Dark Knight this afternoon...

I'm shocked at how much I liked it. Simply a great flick. The only two bad things I can say are I didn't like Batman's voice, and Maggie Gyllenhaal is a total dud, but without spoiling anything, I can assure you that is made up for towards the end.

I honestly liked pretty much everything else about this movie. The writing was great. I have to disagree with my brother, and say that this was the best Joker ever. Ledger did it well, but the writing was superb--just a great character who thrives on chaos. Michael Caine is always top notch, and this movie even had Anthony Michael Hall--haven't seen him since Breakfast Club!

Also, I loved Harvey Dent and two-face, well I guess I could just go on and on, it was all around great. Even the baby loved it.

Girls night out!

Last night, I went to the Police/Elvis Costello concert at SPAC, compliments of my friends Susan and Manfred who gave me the tickets. What a great night.
My friend Alicia and I went to dinner at Yhe Factory in Ballston Spa, a place I randomly passed a sign for, and it was great! Definitely have to go back there with the big man. After dinner we lef for the concert. For August, it was a great night, not really very hot, a perfect night for a concert. Growing up near SPAC, I have to estimate I've seen at a least 25 concerts there. I have NEVER seen a crowd that big. In fact, it was so hard to actually get there to park, we heard Elvis C from the car, which was a little bit of a bummer, because there are a couple songs of his that I LOVE...and once we got in some guy was on his cell saying, "Sting came out and sang with him." Elvis played a really short set, but we heard him on the walk in. Even once we were inside and situated on our blanket about 8:15pm, people were still streaming in, apparently having the same problem with Racetrack/Concert traffic that we did.
The Police rocked. It was so nice to be outside on a summer night listening to good music and people watching. Great night. Alicia bought a really cool army-style Police hat.

Alicia, rocking out, above. I don't think I've smelled weed in was everywhere! Always a SPAC fixture, but still, amusing for this pregnant lady, don't worry, no contact buzz (baby's first doobie?)!