Saturday, November 6, 2010

One for you, one for me.

Tori is so close to crawling forward, so close!

Last night, I asked Dani if she wanted to feed Tori, and of course she loved the concept. Like most toddlers, the concept worked for about 22 seconds. Here she is feeding Tori:
Seconds later, it was Dani's turn to take the bottle and pretend to feed herself. (She won't really drink from Tori's bottle, and exclaims, "Baby milk, yuk!") As you can see, at this point, I am helping Tori to stay on the chair, as Dani has lost all interest in holding her.
Dani then started to slide off the chair with Tori still on her lap. Needless to say, Dani won't be babysitting anytime soon.

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