Tuesday, October 18, 2011

So big-a-big-a-big!

I swear, I blinked and Dani turned into a KID. Where'd my baby go?
Conversation that I had with her tonight:
Dani: Mommeeeeeee, you're home!
Me: Hi Punkin'.
Dani: Is Daddy going to work now?
Me: No, why? Do you want him to go to work now?
Dani: Yes. He needs to go to work now.
Me: Why.
Dani: All the bad guys aren't in jail yet.
She's such a big girl. Such a sensitive little softie who wants to be Batman one minute, and a princess the next. Tonight, she was wearing a Batman costume, and wrapping herself in a blanket, declaring herself Princess Batman. Adorable.
And my little Dude-ly Dude is headed to the doctor for his 8 week visit tomorrow. He's alert, smiley and chirpy. And, amazingly, despite a zillion toddler kisses, and pokes from grimy toddler hands, he hasn't had a cold yet. Truly, I'm amazed. When I'm not looking Tori likes to try to stick her finger in his mouth so he will try to suck on it and she laughs hysterically. This is the same kid who eats food off the floor. Tommy has some serious, super baby immunity.
And, this little mischief maker is our wild and crazy one. She literally dances around the house all day long. It's like she's stuck onstage doing Tori Riverdance. She is an endless ball of energy that is smiley and bubbly about 75 percent of the time. The other 25 percent she is an angry wildabeast that I am convinced may be possessed by demons. The wildabeast comes out whenever she is told no or does not immediately get her way--shrieking, flailing and flinging herself onto the floor is the typical response.
She's starting to talk and it's awesome. She's the happiest, zaniest kid I've ever seen. And cute as hell.
As crazy as life is these days, I wouldn't change a thing.

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