Thursday, November 17, 2011

Where do they learn this?

So smarty pants here even surprised me tonight.
We're looking for creative options for milk delivery that minimize spilling when Dani's not supervised. I'd like to move away from soft nipple sippies to have Dani drink the milk quickly, but she makes a mess with a big cup.
So, in a flash of brilliance, I decided to open the cupboard for a new, Dani-sized drinking vessel:
(Yes, it's a Stoli double shotglass, but it's the perfect size for toddler hands.) So I fill it with milk and hand it to Dani, who remarks, "This is a real glass." Okay, okay, so that doesn't make her the smartest toddler on earth, I understand.
Then she inspects the glass, and the decorative garland on it, and says, "It's a Christmas glass, mommy." And I tell her that it's mistletoe or holly leaves or something that sounded holiday-related because I wasn't really paying that much attention (to be totally honest). And, I'm pretty sure I told her it was mistletoe and berries, but upon further inspection I was dead wrong...
And then she says, "But mommy, that is saturn."
Little kid, you are not even 3 years old, and we don't even have a book about the planets, last time I checked. Yet, you have managed to identify a Christmas-themed saturn on a milk-filled shotglass correctly?
The UC grad in me is totally high-fiving you, Dani, my little smartypants!

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