Monday, December 26, 2011

Off the charts.

In all the Christmas craziness, I forgot to mention that Tommy's 4 month well baby visit was great. He's off the charts for height, and is the biggest baby yet. He's 26.5" long and weighed 17 pounds 2 ounces. (Compare that to Tori at 26" and 15lbs 7oz, and Dani at 25" and 13lbs 8 oz). He's about to pop his bottom teeth, and is just doing everything early. Dr. Forlano told Big Man that he's "got his O tackle".
Little dude remains the happiest, most chilled out baby around.
Dani also came to the doctor with Tommy, for her 3 year visit. She's 38" tall and weighs 34 back breaking pounds. She's also never had a sick visit, my tough little cookie!
Everyone's healthy and doing well. Time to start to organize the Christmas pictures!

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