Sunday, April 15, 2012

So behind!

Wow--I'm so behind in everything!  I have a lot of great excuses for it, though.  I tore my calf muscle over two weeks ago, and after a trip to the ER and an orthopedic doc, I have been in a walking boot.  That sure slowed me down and juggled our schedules, as Big Man had to be sure I wasn't home alone for the first week or so. 

You'd think that being laid up, I would have plenty of time to post--but NO!  The laptop wireless card had an issue, and then the netbook screen went on the fritz, so I was home, doing nothing--with NO computer!  And my blackberry battery would crap out within an hour or so.  All has been fixed--for now; laptop is back in action as of yesterday, and I got a smartphone last weekend.

In the interim--Tommy has decided he wants to stand up and try to walk--every minute he is awake.
 Tori has found a new love in broccoli.  Really.  How many 2 year olds do you know that repeatedly ask for more broccoli???  We're pretty lucky that the kids love all veggies.  The cry for "NINOS" (aka tomatoes in Tori-speak) is nearly constant, as are the requests for all manner of fruits.
 We had a fun Easter.  Just us.  The Easter bunny came, of course.  He nibbled on the carrots that were left out for him--much to Dani's delight.  We just had a lovely family day, with a big turkey dinner and lots of fun.  Here are some pics of the Easter egg hunt.
 The kids had a blast--although it was a bit hard to keep Tori focused on holding her bucket and finding eggs!

I could barely hold them still for a picture--and yes, this was the best one...

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