Monday, October 8, 2012

North Country.

We took the kids up north on Saturday to Dave & Gail's second home.  Dani was so excited, "Why do they have two houses, mommy?  Can we get another house?"  They couldn't wait for the rain to stop so they could check out the deck.
 Tommy had to enjoy the deck from behind the glass doors.
 The kids got to rip and run around a different house.  Dave and Gail cooked us an awesome meal, and we had a great time.  With Wes' schedule, and all the kids, we don't get out much.  We really don't get invited too many places...probably because of the chaos we bring with us.  It was a much-needed night out.
 Little Tori didn't have a nap--by about 7pm, she lets us know she was getting ready to go home and get to sleep!
 Meanwhile, Tommy was quite excited about buttons!  Buttons on his shirt!  Perfectly chewable buttons!
I got to look at his little belly all day...adorable!

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