Sunday, December 23, 2012

Silly, silly, silly!

 Funny things said this week.
Last night at dinner, Dani told us her tummy hurt and she didn't want to eat any more (after not eating much).  Big Man gave her the talk about not eating dinner meant she didn't get to eat dessert later.  I asked her what her tummy felt like.  She replied, "It hurts, and it feels like it's mad at me, and it feels like it's mad at my whole body."

The night before, we were sitting at the dinner table and Dani said something to me, and part of my response included calling her "honey".  As soon as I said it, she asked, "Why did you call me 'honey'?"  I responded something along the lines of she is my little honey, acknowledging that I usually call Big Man honey.  "Can we just stick with Dani?" she replied?
Meanwhile, Tori found a left over set of vampire teeth from Halloween.
And Tommy loves to put the girls' dress-up outfits on his head and play Chief!

They are counting down to Christmas.  Only one chocolate left in the advent calendar.  

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