Sunday, May 19, 2013

Herding cats.

That's what toddler soccer is like.  When you have a fifteen second attention span, dribbling drills don't really work.
 Although Tori did manage to do the "put your foot on the ball when we blow the whistle" a few times.
 It's like watching a pinball game during their games.  The ball bouncing everywhere, kids running in all directions, knocking each other down, and the complete inability to kick a ball into an unmanned goal.
 At least my kids didn't cry.  There were a handful of kids that after each play would wail and run off the field because they didn't get the ball.  Dani would just pick dandelions when she got bored.  Tori kept wandering off to the sidelines to say hello to the babies in attendance.
It's fresh air and sunshine.  That's about it, which is plenty at this age.
I took Dani and Tori to check out my new office today; they love the playroom.  Then we went out to lunch--at a restaurant!  They were amazingly well behaved.  After that, we braved two stores, Target and Kohls.  As we were finishing up, I spotted a Beatles shirt in the teen section.  I showed it to Dani, and we nabbed an extra small for her.  "I like it, Mommy.  But I wish it was the Beatles without the mustaches and the shorter hair.  I like them better."

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