Sunday, June 9, 2013


I tried to make up for lost time this weekend, as I was working far too early and far too late most of last week to deal with computer network crisis after crisis.  We painted, and made crafts, and shopped, and I tried to have special alone time with each kiddo.
 Tori, our budding artist.
 I swear, this Gillibrand t-shirt is on of about a million she has, but she keeps choosing it with not even the slightest suggestion from me!
 After a trip to Target with Tommy (while the girls were napping and Wes had yard work to do) we pulled into the driveway, and the minute Tommy got out of the car, he yelled, "Daddy!"  Moments later, he was helping to mow.
 "In a few years, you'll curse me when this is really your job," said Daddy.
They are all at the perfect age--everyone loves to play (and fight, and push, and shriek, and yell, etc.) together!