Sunday, October 6, 2013

40 is the new, well 40.

I turned 40 a few days ago.  We had a rocking party, with lots of friends, and it was awesome.  There's an overdue retrospective of how I got here, and where I'm headed, but tonight's not the night.
It's been hard to make time for blogging lately.  Work has been crushing me, and things have been downright chaotic at home.  Not in a bad way, but certainly, I could and should be making more time for the things that are important.
Like this little dude.
 Our house is now officially high chair free.  Everyone sits at the dining room table, like big kids.  It blows my mind that my three children are pretty much conversational.
 Working so much means that I try to pack as much fun into the limited time I have with the kiddos.  Tori's always up for a fashion show.
Dani rocks her school uniform.
 We went apple picking.  I'd never been before.  There was a wagon ride, and a hay maze.  There was also a huge corn maze that I didn't dare take the kids into, lest the state police helicopters have to rescue us when three kids decided to run in three different directions into the corn.
 Every one in one hundred pics results in near smiles from everyone.
 I was pleasantly surprised at how low to the ground the apple trees were.  The kids had no trouble picking them.
 And nothing tastes as good as a minutes-ago picked apple.
 I love this picture.  Its the kids walking back to the apple farm, each following their own path, but sticking together, keeping pace with each other.
 We made masks this week, and tons of Halloween decorations--pumpkins and bats are all over our house, we're working on the Halloween costumes, which should be pretty darn cool this year.
 Tommy wasn't so keen on wearing his mask.
See his curls?  Gone.  Big Man gave the little guy a buzz cut while I was at work on Friday.  He went from looking like my little baby boy, to a kid.  A KID!  Where'd my baby go?

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