Sunday, April 20, 2014

Here comes Peter Cottontail

 We had two Easters this year.  We spent Saturday at my cousin Dave's house.  It was a beautiful, sunny day full of family, food, and of course--Easter egg hunts!
We had dropped off the eggs earlier in the day, so Dave's daughter could hide them.  The kids had a blast running through the yard--Brady the dog found (and chewed) a few before the kids could find them, though.
 The kids showing off the haul.
 This was the best of a number of shots attempting to get just one family photo!
 And today, it was just the five of us. The kids wanted another egg hunt, so I hid the empty eggs from yesterday in the back yard.  And they wanted more, so then I hid them in the front yard.  Still demanding more, Dani then hid the eggs in the front yard (with Daddy's help) for Tori and Tommy to find.
We had a lovely dinner, and spent some more time outside.  We pulled out the bikes, hot wheels and other toys after dinner and went outside again.  Dani was on her bike, Tori on the hot wheels, and Tommy pushing a baby stroller as we went back and forth along the block.  It's so nice to finally be outside in the sun!
Happy Easter!  Happy Spring!

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