Monday, April 27, 2015

Tori turns five!

Some little superstar turned 5 this weekend!  It was literally an all-weekend celebration.
On Friday, a big box from Grandma and Grandpa arrived--we decided to let her open it while Skyping with them.
 Daddy baked the cake on Saturday.  Tori told him she wanted a Hot Wheels cake and he did not disappoint.  We enjoyed it on Saturday night.
 Sunday was the official birthday party.  Our first, but certainly not our last Chuck E Cheese birthday party.  (Also known as the longest two hours of your life.)  It was Daddy's first time, so I decided to let him man the floor with the kids while I set up for the party.
 Look at this picture quickly--if I said she just got her learner's permit, you'd believe me, right?  She looks pretty at ease in the driver's seat at age 6.

 Watching the Chuck E birthday wish.
 Her presents.
 She looks like a birthday Avenger!
Happy birthday, Tori!  We love you!

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