Sunday, August 12, 2007

Child birthin' hips

As if my hips were not plenty big enough to birth a baby, they appear to be shifting. I get on the scale every morning, and have not yet gained any weight, but my body seems determined to have me grow out some of my suits as soon as possible.

Ten days ago, I was worried that I didn't yet feel any different. Silly me.

Tired. Often.

Sick? Not really, thank god. A wave or two of nausea has come and gone, but no sickness, yet.

According to babycenter, the baby is the size of a small lentil right now. Last week it was a sesame seed. Talk about exponential growth.

A number of my friends are pregnant too--and everyone is more pregnant than me so I am getting lots of tips and advice.

Hubby is being wonderful. Every night he puts out my vitamin cocktail (multi, folic, calcium, fish oil with DHA) in a cup at the dinner table so I won't forget.

We couldn't agree on something this weekend (something to watch or do, no biggie), so I tell him that I have two votes now and that I should get my way. Without blinking, the reply, "The boy votes with his daddy." Too cute--I gave in.

I have been telling everyone in the universe (sans my employers) that I've got a pea in the pod. Big man hasn't even told his parents yet. He did however, tell a friend or two, and he is just so cute about it. I got an excited voicemail from one of the people he told, saying he just lit up and seemed so excited. He is going to be such an awesome dad.

Really feel like taking a nap.

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