Sunday, November 15, 2009

Ho, Ho, Ho!

I put up our Christmas lights today. They aren't plugged in yet, but I'm really tempted. Big Man thinks I'm crazy. I'm just excited about Christmas this year. I put some lights indoors, and Dani just gets so excited looking at them. She's going to be a lot of fun. Last year, we had Dani on December 9th, so the tree never actually got decorated; Big Man put lights on it before I went to the hospital, but the only ornaments went up were the two "Baby's First Christmas" ornaments that people sent to us!

Looking for some Christmas card inspiration....ideas anyone?

Grandma got home to Chicago safe and sound.

Big Man has one more night off, and then, after three weeks of working days, he goes back to nights. It was nice having him home for such a long stretch, but the cats look forward to sleeping on the bed again! Dani likes to open and close the doors to her playroom, which was once in our cooler, social, childless days, our formal dining room.
Dani has become SO FUN! She's trying so hard to walk. Big Man and I sit about 4 feet from each other and hold on to her, and she laughs while lunging/walking back and forth between us. And everything makes her laugh--big, huge belly laughs which are the best!

I'm stinking up the joint in my fantasy football league last week and this week. I'm still in second place, but barely...meh. Stupid Bears. Stupid Jay Cutler.

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