Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Catching up with the grandparents.

A few weeks ago, we had a visit from Grandma, Grandpa and Great-Grandma.  The kids had a BLAST!
 With the exception of a harrowing moment when Grandma was outside with Dani and Tori, and Great-Grandma (who is 92) heard Tommy crying in his crib, and decided to go upstairs and get him.   This is despite the fact that she's (a) nearly blind, (b) walks with a cane, and (c) has no business climbing stairs alone, much less lifting a 25 pound baby.  She carried him halfway down, and while on the landing, realized that she couldn't carry him the rest of the way and was stuck.  She yelled out the window for my mom, and was rescued.  Great Grandma was subsequently instructed not to pick up the children.

 Grandpa actually stayed a bit longer than the Grandmas, so he had some quality time with the kiddos.
 There was much snuggle-time, long walks, back tickles and of course, OUTSIDE time!

Grandpa really enjoyed his namesake.

And he brought some jewelry for his little Dani, who was thrilled.  She looked like she had just come back from Mardi Gras!
It was, as always, a visit that was much too short!  Thank goodness for Skype!

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