Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tales from the DNC: Day 3

Holy exhaustion, Batman!  I'm a tired girl!  But wow, it's so awesome here!  I found my flag lady from day one, and she had another funky outfit.
New York may have had crappy seats, but our Senator got to say hello!
Bill Clinton, elder statesman that he is, brought down the house, with, which I am told, the longest speech in DNC history.  The crowd was transfixed--we could have listened to him all night!
 Surprise guest...O!
And then, there was a mid-states reception (NY, NJ, PA & DE) at Discovery Place.  My kids would have loved it!
 This is what I look like to someone wearing heat-seeking goggles:
 My convention pal, Mary, and I having a glass of wine in Paris.
And yes folks, I tested out a real bed of nails.  The edges were dulled but still, it was a bed of nails.  It this lawyer thing doesn't work out for me, I've got a future in the circus!
So far, it's been the most whirlwhind, stressful, exciting and inspiring week!  I'm excited for tonight!  Stay tuned!

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