Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tales from the DNC: Day 4, and the long trip home.

The main night of the convention was supposed to be in the outdoor stadium where the Carolina Panthers play; I had managed to get my folks tickets to hear the President's speech.  But, we kept having rainstorms in the afternoon--heavy ones.  I started to dread the though of sitting in a stadium for 5 hours in the rain.  Since the forecast was severe, the powers that be decided to keep the current location, and not move to the larger venue for the night the President was speaking.  As you might have guessed, with security like it was, we didn't exactly get curbside dropoff.  There were charter buses for delegates, but they could never get closer than 5 blocks or so from where we needed to be.  On Thursday, the big night, we got in the bus and it started to downpour.
Honestly, the rain made me feel a little better because all the folks who no longer had tickets probably understood.  And then, a miracle!  In the 20 minutes it took my shuttle to get me to the arena, the clouds parted and the sun came out--so I didn't get wet!
There were TONS of cool things...great speakers, music.  James Taylor, Mary J. Blige, and the Foo Fighters played live.  Big Man loves the Foo Fighters!
Great speeches--John Kerry found a sense of humor--he has apparently finished licking his wounds from 2004, and gave a kick ass speech.  The NY Delegation had a famous guest--Sandra Lee from Food TV (she dates Governor Cuomo).
Michelle Obama introduced the President, and we all just listened, and got inspired!  Because of the last minute move of venue, we didn't have the typical balloon drop--instead we had confetti launchers!  It was the most amazing, energetic crowd, full of hope and excitement!

And I was there, a part of it!
And another late night, and it was time to come home.  Thank GOD I booked an afternoon flight.  Due to volume it was recommended we get to the airport at least 3 hours early.  I took the noon shuttle for a 4:30pm flight...wasn't too bad, and had time to surf the web and relax at the airport--if you've ever been to the Charlotte Airport--it's really pretty lovely; lots to do, eat, and see.  My local news station met me at the airport for a story...I was quick, because after 6 days, all I wanted to do was get home to my family.  I missed them!
Tommy enjoying the slinkys I bought for Dani and Tori.  I swear, they all grew inches while I was gone.  It was a long time to have been away--sure we Skyped, and talked, but I didn't kiss my kids or my husband for six days!  I made up for it today!  Happy to be home, but thrilled with my experience.

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