Sunday, March 31, 2013

Spring has sprung.

No time to post much as SPRING HAS SPRUNG!
  It's warm, there's no snow on the ground and the kids want to be outside!
This will be Tommy's first real summer where he can walk around and enjoy it.
It was a beautiful day Saturday, and we took the kids out to play--running and blowing bubbles, riding bikes and sliding on slides--it was like there was 4 months of outdoor energy that had been trapped since Christmastime.  They had a blast.
 Tori made it her goal to pop every bubble Dani blew.
 And then it was Easter.
 Another failed attempt at a family photo!  Took a dozen--this was the best!

 We had a big ol' Easter egg hunt today.  I took the girls to one in the city yesterday, and it was mayhem.  Kids of all ages running and swooping in to grab eggs.  Dani and Tori each got 2; and that was with me, literally standing over each one so they could pick it up. I didn't care if they got a lot--but they needed something!
 Today, we had about 50 eggs, just for the three kids.  Much to Dani and Tori's delight, Tommy had only a passing interest at egg hunting.
 He did, however, just rock his awesome white trashy tuxedo tee!
Happy spring!  Happy Easter!

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