Sunday, March 10, 2013

They say its your birthday.

Last week was Big Man's birthday...he's on the other side of 40, barely.  He was born in Bethany Hospital in Chicago in 1972, and in 1991, as a sophomore at the University of Chicago, he met a Bethany who he would eventually marry, and he would share a birthday with her mother.  Sometimes the universe sends you hints that you were meant to be together.  Those are the signs.
But back to the celebration.  We had presents, and party hats and cake (that Big Man baked).   Before you yell at me--I was totally going to bake, but he had the day off, and did it while I was at work.
Even Big Man rocked the Mickey ears.

 Dani, asking over and over, is it time for cake yet?
 We had Giordano's pizza (from Chicago) for dinner, and I had gotten out some veggies.  Tori ate a dozen or so baby carrots, and then dumped the rest of the bag on her plate.  When it was time for cake, she would nibble a carrot and have some cake and proclaim "carrot cake".
As I mentioned, my Mom's birthday is the same day as Big Man's.  We called her in the morning before she left for work, so the kids could sing to her.  After a rowdy rendition of "Happy Birthday" Dani and Tori were chatting with Grandma on speakerphone.  I asked Dani, "Dani, do you know how old Grandma is today?".  Dani's reply, "Hmmm, I think she's one hundred."

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