Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Preparing for the holidays.

 I'm a bit behind in my posting because we've been having SO MUCH FUN!
It started with decorating for the holiday, and getting ready for Christmas card photos. 
It's torture a fun afternoon of getting toddlers dressed up and using a variety of bribes and threats keeping them smiling and interested while I desperately try to get a few decent photos for a card.
It's so hard to get all three looking at the camera and smiling at the same time.
We were so close with this one, but Tommy...
This one made the card.
 So did this one.
 We couldn't manage a hugging photograph that worked.
 Not sure what they were looking at, but it wasn't the camera.
 Crazy eyes.
 Duck face.
 A little clowing around.
 And we're still trying.
We managed to get some decent pics, and I found a deal on overnight shipping from Snapfish, so we had them in time to actually mail so people would receive them by Christmas....except I didn't order enough, so not everyone did....and I got to pay for rush shipping a second time, for the second wave of cards.  But they got done, and we were ready to celebrate!
And in crazy child utterances this month:
Dani informed me at bedtime yesterday that she wishes she was a boy "because it's more fun to be a boy because they have wee wees and get to have the boy toys at McDonalds".
Tori's favorite thing is to replace words with "poop", and she walks around singing "Frosty the Snowpoop" and all manner of silly poop related things.  Tommy then mimics her.  Yikes.
Driving in a car with Tommy results in yells of RED LIGHT STOOOOOOOOOOOP at the top of his lungs every time we see a light.

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