Sunday, May 27, 2007


We are ready to have a baby. Well, I guess as ready as we will ever be. I will be 34 this September, and my ovaries aren't getting any younger.

My best friend from college, who is pregnant, told me about a website called . This site helps you track your ovulation, and will even email you reminders to get busy. It let me print a calendar--and the days you are fertile have bunny rabbits on them--cute!

Twins run in my husband's family, which scares me a bunch. Don't think we can handle two little babies. I decided that I should find a cool way to tell my husband when I actually get pregnant. He is a Chicago boy and a huge Bears fan, so I bought a newborn one-sie and booties with the Bears logo. When I am pregnant, I will give it to him to let him know!

I hope it isn't hard to get pregnant. I have no interest nor intent to mess with fertility drugs, etc., if it turns out to be difficult. So, I will be counting the days and keeping my fingers crossed.

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