Monday, December 7, 2009

Grrrrrrrrrrr. Just felt like growling.

Things are back to normal here in the B household--I think that the arriving at the decision about the baby was the hardest part; now that it's made, things are back on track.
Although, Gail and I are going to a long-awaited appointment with a psychic tomorrow night, and I told Big Man that if she says anything about the baby that is concerning (and I swear I won't ask) that the amnio might be back on the table. This confirmed his belief that I'm a dumbass.
This little munchkin is turning 1 on Wednesday!
She's popping teeth like crazy and is getting better at the whole walking thing. Tomorrow, Big Man is working on the super-secret baby birthday cake project...and Dani got lots of birthday mail today!

Can't wait to see what she does with the cake!

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