Friday, March 12, 2010

Dani's guilty pleasure.

Like mommy, Dani looks forward to the weekly delivery of Star Magazine so she can read all about her fave celebs: It's been so spring-like that we had to break out Dani's new spring coat--an awesome valentine's gift from our local grandma emeritus, Debi Marek!
I know I've been posting much less frequently...just tired. Being 33 weeks pregnant, running a business, and chasing a toddler manage to sap a lot of my energy. (sorry dad.)
Things are moving along--we're amazingly laid back about this next baby. Maybe because we have one already, so we figure how hard can it be? But we haven't moved a single thing out of the attic to prepare; I did buy a baby book tonight at Target, because I have a feeling that without a real effort, baby 2 is going to ask why there are 27 photo albums of Dani and 2 pictures of her...well, also I might have bought it because it was on clearance for $7 but don't tell the new kid that, 'kay?
Still no consensus on the name. Ideas anyone?

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