Thursday, April 1, 2010


This is what happens when you say the word "outside" at my house: A certain someone named Dani is obsessed with going outside. There's SO much cool stuff to look at...sticks, cars, cigarette butts on the ground, dogs, dog poop, flowers! And tonight's find, a fire hydrant! It was like a Dani magnet. She was absolutely fascinated by the hydrant, and despite my best efforts, kept dragging me back to it.

(love those front teeth!)
She also went down the slide for the first time today. Big fun. And another first--she climbed up the entire staircase this morning and at bed time. Much easier on poor, pregnant mommy than having to carry her. She thinks it's a blast!

Watering can--another big hit, as was the dirt in our flower boxes. My mom's coming to visit with my grandma on the 12th. Mom offered to plant my flower boxes when she comes. Hmm. A nice thought but I predict that, unless Dani has a really green thumb, they will be dead from lack of care by May 1 due to the new addition. So, we will have to find another project for the grandmas.

My camera battery died just as I got Dani to actually wear the sunglasses.

Trust me, it was mighty cute!

Gail and I went to see a medium last night--it was our second visit. Really interesting; lots of things she said last time were dead on. Example: the moment she said hello to me in November, she asked, "Have you ever thought about becoming self-employed?" and went on to make a number of predictions about my career...which, well, happened. She provided more detail last night and I can't wait to see if it happens.

She also predicts that this baby will be "masculine" and quite the tomboy. She said that Dani will be our girly-girl, and this new one will be playing ball in the back yard with daddy. When I asked her about the potential for baby number 3 to be a boy (should we give it a go) and she said that the little tomboy I'm carrying will be the closest thing we will get to a boy, no matter how many times we try. Unfortunately, Big Man has not yet accepted this to be sufficient proof that he shoots only x chromosomes to rule out another attempt...

Had another babydoc visit today. I've heard a ton of comments that I look much bigger this time than I did with Dani, but I had them look it up and my belly is measuring the same size this week as it was with her...and I'm 7 pounds lighter than I was at this time with Dani. Believe it or not, according to the doc, I am officially up two pounds from my 7 week visit. Yep, just two, which sounds impressive but I was kind of a fat bastid at the outset, so it really means I haven't reached circus freak proportions. I've got 3 weeks to go...bring on the ice cream! :) Speaking of ice cream, I can't wait to give Dani her first soft serve cone--soon!

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