Friday, April 9, 2010

Through Daddy's eyes.

I uploaded pictures out of the camera tonight, and found these (and a bunch more) where Dani and I were the subject. It took me a minute to figure out why they were so hazy, but noticed in one of the many, the mudroom windowframe, where Big Man leaned over to take them. What was he thinking, I wonder. Seeing his girls playing in the yard? Maybe it's the pregnancy hormones, but it really made me wonder what things are like from a dad's perspective when he's got only girl children, or only boy children, or both. Does having just a wife and little girls make you feel more pressured? Like the protector, or papa bear? Does it bring out a more tender, gentle man? Or is is harder to be the father of boys? Do you feel the pressure of raising little men, like their masculinity is somehow reflective of your parenting? Big Man has always been the strong, but soft spoken type, but watching him parent Dani I am so often moved by just how tender and gentle and loving he is with her--it is a blessing.

I know it sounds silly, but finding these pictures tonight just made me feel loved. I mean of course, I know I'm loved. But, quiet, Dani-free moments to catch your breath and just relax are so few and far between for Big Man. I try to give him as many of them as I can, but the more pregnant I get, the less I can do. And, she and I are outside playing, and instead of relaxing, he's taking pictures of Dani and me, through the hazy window. And, so we've got a few pictures of her discovering her slide and swingset, and just enjoying her first spring as a little, walking person (and me, in my maternity clothes, looking like I just might pop out a baby or three any second).
Ruth, our occasional sitter, who is a wonderful stay at home mom to two elementary school kids, bought Dani an Easter outfit, and surprised us by dressing Dani up and doing her hair on Thursday when Dani was at her house. We're really lucky. We've got a woman who cares for only our child, with no notice, and in any state, sick or healthy, and who treats Dani like a member of the family. They call to ask if Dani can come over to play just because they love having her around. It's really great to have someone like that who can help us out and who takes such care of our baby girl. I'll put more pics on facebook, but you can see the litle ponytails in this one, and the cute dress. Dani was not into hamming it up, so I needed to jingle some keys so Big Man could snap a pic.

When I took the ponytails out, I had some fun combing out Dani's hair. This is her Bride of Frankenstein look.

Grandma and Great-grandma are coming to visit Sunday! Can't wait. OB visit today predicts baby2 to be 7.5 pounds at delivery. Name TBA.

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