Saturday, October 30, 2010

Put your hands in the air!

Hip hop hurray, ho, hey, ho!

Fun day with the kiddos! We carved pumpkins and played all day! Dani is still loving her bunny ears...she likes to be "bunny Pete" from a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode. So cute!
As Tori gets bigger and more interactive, Dani and she are having more fun together. Here, they are snuggling on the couch.
Tori is trying hard to crawl. She can crawl backward, but not forward yet. But, she can do military pushups--no lie! As you can see, she pushes up on her tippy toes and her hands...and she does up and downs. Not bad for my little chubby mcdubbs. When Dani sees Tori on the floor, she tries to climb on Tori and says Giddybup! It's pretty cute, but means that now we can no longer leave Dani in the room with Tori on the floor alone, lest Tori get smooshed by her loving sister.
Yes, bad mommy had to take a picture as it was happening---I figured Dani was on Tori's calves, so it's not like Dani could do any harm, so I took a picture!

Carved some pumpkins this afternoon, roasted some seeds. Looking forward to Dani's first real Halloween!

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