Monday, October 4, 2010

Things I like, a Dani guest post.

Hi everybody, Dani here. Mommy said I could tell you about things I like tonight. I like my little sister Tori. She's starting to be pretty fun, and she laughs at everything I do.
I like pumpkins! We have a whole bunch and they light up. Mommy says that soon we can get real ones. It's for halloween, and I get to dress up too! Tori is going to wear my old bumblebee costume (but she probably won't look as cute as I did last year). I have an Elmo costume that I'm probably going to wear. For now, I like to dress up as a pirate. Mommy got me a pirate hat and sword. I keep telling her "eye patch" but she won't let me have one. Did you know that I know all my colors, and I can tell mommy that the pumpkin is orange. I'm really good at talking.

I like to wear mommy's glasses. I put them on and it makes the whole room look funny.

I like to be silly. It makes Tori laugh. Tonight during dinner, mommy was holding Tori and she was so much fun. Mommy made a video of it.

Okay, well I just wanted to give you all an update (especially you, GrandPA!). I'm going to go play with Tori now, bye bye!

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