Saturday, January 22, 2011

Stuff I did today, a Dani guest post.

Hi everybody, Dani here. Mommy told me that I could write to you tonight to tell you about some new things that I did today. The first one kinda makes me feel shy.
Today, I went potty on my froggy potty. I told mommy I had to go, and she put me on my potty and I just did it, like a big girl. It was a little scary at first, but mommy just told me to relax and take my time. Then, mommy gave me a lollipop and clapped for me. I love lollipops! I hope that I can remember to tell mommy when I have to go again, tomorrow. She said I could have a lollipop every time!
I also went over to my friend Mary's house today.
She had so many toys I never saw before. She had this stuff called Play Doh. It was squishy and you could make shapes with it. Mommy played with it too! It was really fun. I tried to eat some, but it tasted really salty and yucky. I asked mommy if I could get some Play Doh for our house. She said maybe we should wait until Tori is older. Sometimes I like to feed Tori. I promised mommy I wouldn't feed Tori Play Doh, but I still have to wait.

That Tori's really cramping my style. Babies can be such a pain. Tori did learn to do one fun thing though. She can screech really loud. We have this game. She screeches, and then I do it and then she does it and then I do it until mommy begs us to stop. It's really fun.

Did you know that we are going to have a new baby too? Mommy asked me if I wanted a brother or sister and I said sister. She asked me what I would like to name the new baby, and I've decided we should call her "New Baby". Every day I pat mommy's tummy and say, "Hi New Baby". I can't wait to meet her but mommy said it will be a really long time before New Baby comes. I'm excited--I will have two little siblings to boss around! Well, mommy says that I have to go now, bye bye! This post was brought to you by your big girl who pees on the potty, Dani.

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