Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Resolutions, a Tori guest post.

Happy New Year's everyone! It's my first New Year! I've heard that you're supposed to make resolutions every year of stuff you want to do better in the upcoming year. I've already made pretty amazing progress for a baby.

I can stand up. And, I'm only 8 months old. Look at me!

I would like to learn how to walk, though. That can be my resolution. Sometimes when I stand up, I try to walk but my belly is all wobbly and I fall down. So, I am going to learn to walk.

I also resolve to keep working on my one handed push up. As you can see, I've almost perfected it. And the cat. I'm going to catch him one of these days. He always comes close, but then runs away before I can hug him. He and I are going to become good friends this year.

So, I think those are all my resolutions.

Mommy said I should add a few more. She says I should also resolve to sleep later in the morning, and not to cry in my sleep. I think she should just learn to get by on less sleep.

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