Monday, January 17, 2011

When mommy isn't looking.

Mommy, what are you talking about? No, I don't have white stuff all over me. You're silly.

I've just been sitting here at my table coloring while you were feeding Tori. Really, I have.

Well it's not exactly my fault you left the baby powder on the changing table. In fact, it's your fault. You created like an attractive nuisance or something. That's what lawyers call stuff that people should know better than to leave just lying around because grown ups should know that kids will want to play with it. So really mommy, it's your fault. I was just giving in to my toddler impulsiveness. But I'm 2, you should expect that. You're 37--shouldn't you know better by now???

And, I only poured a little onto the changing table, anyway.Pleeeez, don't be mad mommy! Pretty please?
(Heh, heh, the cuteness wins every time!)

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