Saturday, February 19, 2011

Party girls.

The whole family went to a late afternoon birthday party in Clifton Park at a place called Bounce Around. It was kind of like a Chuck-e-Cheese, but without making any effort to make parents actually want to be there (by serving food or beer). If you are having a party you can bring your own, and the party room we had did have some chow from the hosts, Aimee and Seamus McNulty, and 3 year old birthday boy Liam.

The place was like walking into a toddler's dream. It was bright, and colorful, and loud and every square inch was packed with something to bounce on or play with. Dani spent some time in a cool car.
She adhered to her rule that cupcakes are best eaten by licking off all of the frosting. Dani's rule was slightly modified today, as she dipped popcorn in the frosting, and seemed to think that was a great nosh.
She was on the young side, so we stuck her in the 1-3 year old only farmland bouncer. For the first few minutes, she was the only kid in there, and just kind of walked around trying to figure it out. Then a more experienced kid came in and started leaping around, and that was all Dani needed to get rolling.
Tori was too little for much, but we bounced her on the wall of the toddler bounce house while Dani was playing. She was screeching and waving and saying hi to everyone and everything.
Dani insisted in going in the "Go Diego Go" bounce house. She was alone for about 5 seconds, and then an older toddler came in. Of course, they bumped heads in less than a minute, and two crying toddlers rolled out of the bouncer.
Undeterred, she continued to play and eat and have a blast!

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